25 June 2006

Begging a reprieve

We had a wonderful resurrection celebration for the beloved church member who passed away this weekend, but at the risk of being way too whiny, it has been four days of really deeply emotional shepherding for me. And tomorrow I'm having teeth pulled, so I am going to extend my apologies now for frivolous or non-existent posts. I appreciate so much your comments and I promise I will emerge sometime this week, hopefully with clarity and some small insights to offer. Many blessings, friends!


Anonymous said...

How are you feeling??!!! I have missed seeing your smiling face on the Forum.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was me, btw - sorry I forgot to sign it. (DUH)

April said...

Oh, man, I feel so bad now... I forgot that I had posted about my tooth plans. Thanks so much for your concern. I'm afraid I've just been slacking off because I'm a pregnant slacker :( Sorry I didn't update!