16 June 2006

Small triumphs in the quest for health

I've experienced several small triumphs in the ongoing quest for health here at Casa McStew which I feel like I should share here, because... uh.... where else would I share them?
  1. We bought a reverse osmosis system! Hurrah! It's not actually installed yet, but we got the system from Menards for less than $140 and it looks like it is actually really good. Not as great as Culligan, but we have college debt to repay, so...
  2. I managed to make sourdough bread. I managed to make a sourdough starter, first of all. Then I managed to make five loaves of sourdough bread. Then I managed to remember that I'm not a big fan of sourdough bread. Actually Dora Sue Davis of Lancaster, Kentucky makes THE best bread in the world and it happens to be sourdough. Back when I was a seminarian she offered me some starter and foolishly, I denied her. Now I'm half tempted to make the 12 hour trip just to get the starter. But she's coming to her neice's wedding in August in Eureka, so I think I'll just ask her to bring me some. It's appropriate to ask such a favor after completely losing contact with someone for five years, right? Thought so.
  3. The progesterone cream I've been using is helping with a number of issues, none of which anyone here would like to read, but which some of you can infer because you're regular beneficiaries of my abundant TMI policy.
  4. I think this liquid kelp is working on me, too. Of course, I'm up to 12 drops a day and my BBT is still 97.2, but I feel better, I think. I think.
  5. I finally found a natural deodorant that works! Yep, after trying 8 different kinds, I have finally found it and the best/ worst part -- it was 40% off in a closeout at our health food store, so now instead of costing 3 times as much as Degree, it's only twice as much. I'm going back to buy up all the rest (Aubrey Organics E plus high C, fyi -- I should have known from the music-nerd tie-in that this would be the one.)
  6. I told my doctor about self-medicating with progesterone and liquid kelp and she was fine with it. I love my doctor. Adore her. And I feel better having confessed to her and having her approve. I need to work on my need for approval, but in the meantime, I feel good about not deceiving Dr. Stone.
  7. I brought back my Living More with Less book from the office and ordered a More with Less Cookbook from eBay and am feeling very positive about the direction we've been moving. We're inching -- or perhaps more accurately, centimeter-ing, our way towards being more responsible citizens of the Kingdom.

Yeah, things are going well. I continue to pray for stamina and patience. For me, these things go hand in hand. But we are better -- I feel it! And that's a darn good thing.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, you're just making WONDERFUL inroads. Well done you! You'll love your new water. I just thrill to have a clean glass of water - and clean ice cubes are THE BEST!!! :) (Simple minds, simple pleasures.)
Dawn C

April said...

Thanks, Dawn! I appreciate all of your wisdom that has helped lead us here! Many thanks!