29 June 2006


Ok, well, I owe some of you a rather extensive apology because I've not been languishing in post-dental-procedure pain this week. Turns out that my dentist won't extract teeth from a pregnant woman, though this pregnant woman didn't find that out til I was in the chair and sufficiently steeled to face major dental angst. Turns out that the dentist refers pregnant woman to an oral surgeon instead and that the oral surgeon is terribly busy and important and cannot possibly fit me in until mid-July which gives me plenty of time to steel myself for both dental and insurance co-pay angst.
So, the reason I've been observing the requested reprieve is five-fold, at least.
  1. I'm punky
  2. I'm really bloody tired
  3. A toothache, insulin-induced hypoglycemia and progesterone cream have created a distinctly moody and quite unattractive version of me
  4. I've been feeling quite sorry for myself
  5. I've not really much to say other than *big sigh* "Poooooooor meeeee!" *swooning*
So again, many apologies for those of you who have actually been praying for me and my teeth i.e. Dawn. I so appreciate your concern. This is when I wish I had one of those little emoticons who blush. Doh.


Jeff C said...

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Pregnancy excuses just about ANY crime committed in my eyes!!! (Chocolate stealing/hogging....nnnnn, that's a hard one, but I would probably get over it.)
Dump the progesterone cream. (Bossy Big Sister here) ;) Seriously, when you hit the moody blank (You can fill in the blank here)state, it's time to stop the prog cream. It means your body is making enough and any more is going to make you grow...hair or something. ;) Toothaches are enough to make ANYONE nasty, let alone pregnant anyones. Let me see...do you have any eo's? Peppermint is good for pain, Thieves is miraculous, in my book. Clove is good, too. (Let me know if you don't have stuff to fight this naturally, I staved off a impacted molar while pg, I got rawther good at it. I would be happy to share.) AND bloody tired is the perfect excuse for taking Liq Chlor or upping it. It won't take all the tired away at this point, but it sure will help.
Other than that, my personal recommendations would be rich homemade vanilla ice cream (made by someone else!!) with fresh raspberries and some crispy almonds sprinkled on top. I think that would...crud, your tooth. OK, we MUST deal with that. You can't wait until mid-July to have ice cream and raspberries, that would just be...well, WRONG!! ~Dawn

Jeff C said...

Just checking in on the pain sitcheashun. I'm still praying!! (I abhor tooth pain!!)