04 February 2009

Momma helps

I was really worried about giving the kids baths tonight. Dennis is on a short-notice business trip for a few days and he is usually in charge of baths. And I have been battling some pregnancy-related sciatic pain lately which, coupled with the long-term bone graft-related nerve pain, is sort of leaving me undone at the end of the evening. Yesterday I found out that leaning over the bathtub was exactly the wrong sort of activity for this particular pain combination and I spent most of the time after the kids were in bed laying around and moaning, though largely inaudibly.

Anyway, as you can tell, my story is very pitiful and today I was full of pity and worried about baths pretty much all day. THEN I realized that I live in the same town now with family and I could just call my mom who had called me earlier in the day to offer help in whatever way and ask for help with baths! And I did. And she came and helped me and then after the kids were in bed, stayed and talked for about an hour or so. The helping with baths and the talking would have been lovely enough, but when I came upstairs to go to bed, I saw that she had also turned down the sheets on my bed for me. It was such a simple gesture, but so sweet I almost cried.

Have I said before that I'm so glad I live here? I am. Thanks, Momma, for your help. What a Momma you are!

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Cara said...

I'm glad you have family near by, I wish my mom lived closer (though I didn't think I'd have thought that 4 years ago when we decided to move 25 hours away)- I'd like her not only for her help, which is awesome, but because I can carry on about how very cute/funny/smart/darling my children are without worrying that she's bored or thinks I'm bragging too much :)

Oh, and I gave up giving Hannah a bath when I was big prego- She sat right up on my belly and got a shower about every 3 days. For whatever reason I thought that was easier.