19 February 2009

Liquid clorophyll users out there?

Ok -- momma-specific question -- has anyone out there used liquid chlorophyll to boost milk supply? I was remembering that I had read about it and it seems like it would be a wise idea to up my intake of it in these last few weeks. Anyone had any experience with it?


Dusty said...

When I was nursing Lily I used an herbal tea called Mother's Milk--I think the stimulating ingredient was fenugreek. You can just get fenugreek by itself--but the tea was nice. As I recall, the scent reminded me of licorice :)

Peace, Dusty

Cara said...

I took that to help make up for blood loss, which I'd imagine would also help out with milk supply if your reason for not having a good one is because of loss of blood (milk's a filtrate of blood). I also have a really good response to Mother's Milk Tea, it's by Traditional Medicinals. I know that you don't want to drink the tea while you're still pg, because it can give the baby maple-syrup smelling urine, which can be a false indicator of maple-syrup urine disease, which would keep them in the nicu because it's a metabolic condition. I sure am wordy :o)

Tonya said...

No, but I've heard great things about it. I also heard that it keeps you from getting consitpated, which is always a problem for me when I first start nursing, no matter how much water I drink. I may have to break down and buy me some in four months.

Tonya said...

That was probably TMI, wasn't it. I forget that blogs are public and sometimes I talk like I am out to coffee swapping birth stories with the ladies.