21 February 2009

Big boy bed

Last night, when we got home from our date, Mom told us that she had put Daniel to bed in his toddler bed. We've had the "big boy bed" set up in his room for about a month or so to get him accustomed to it. We used the same tactic when we moved Annalivia to a toddler bed. They've played on the bed and climbed on it and such, but we've been putting him to bed in his crib each night.

About a week ago, I was telling mom that we realized that if I have a C-section, we were going to have to have Daniel in the toddler bed because I won't be able to lift him out of the crib in the morning. I mentioned we planned to move him to the crib, but we hadn't done so. So Momma did it for us.

And it went great! Daniel woke up once during the night and cried and then tried to get out of bed. We both took turns putting him back into bed. The first three times he got up, we put him in bed, covered him up and told him we loved him. After that, we came and laid right back down in our bed and when he arrived in our room five seconds later, we got up and just led him back to bed without talking to him. He fussed about being going back to the bed and wouldn't climb up, but we just went back to bed without talking. On about the fifth time, he draped himself on the bed, wailed for a bit and then climbed into bed. He cried for about a minute or so and then went back to sleep and was still sound asleep when Annalivia woke up at 8.

Tonight he went to bed and didn't fuss or come into our room. Daniel has this crazy need to have all sorts of things in bed with him. Tonight he started out with two bears and a rubber ducky. We heard him get up and when I checked on him, he had a Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase thing, a book, and part of his plastic sword in bed with him. Which meant he got out of bed, picked out those things, and then got back into bed. And now he's asleep.

I'm so proud of our big boy. And us. And thankful for Mom getting us on track. Here's to a good night and better tomorrow.

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Cara said...

Very cute! I did the same thing with Hannah, but it was moving her from our bed to a crib. So now, soon as I can find a decent used crib, we'll have 2 cribs and a queen in our room :P This is from someone who was going to do Babywise. LOL!