07 February 2009

731 days later

Daniel on his first day

And this morning on his second birthday.

We went to a church breakfast this morning, had family over for dinner this evening, and in the middle, played on the front porch in our 60-degree weather today. Daniel marked his second birthday with lots of sweetness, a few fits, and an attempt to clean the toilet and other parts of the bathroom all by himself using the toilet brush. :)

My big boy is 2 years old. What a gift...


Tonya said...

What a doll! I have a birthday boy tomorrow. They grow up way too fast. One day you'll actually benefit from his cleaning the bathroom instead of having to disinfect everything when he gets done scrubbing the sink and floor with the toilet brush. Hang in there!

The Passarelli's said...

What s beautiful boy. My Mikey use to do dishes,but now I can't get him to even bring his dish to the sink. It's all fun at first for them.