23 February 2009

Baby 'Liese update

1. Still breech.

2. Went to my last perinatologist appointment today. I think.

3. The amnio is scheduled for next Tuesday at 10:30. We should know by late afternoon if her lungs are ready.

4. If lungs are ready, the C-section will be next Wednesday, if she's still breech.

5. If she turns, I'll be induced on Thursday.

6. That's a baby in a little over a week! :)

7. Tomorrow and Thursday, I'll see an accupunturist in a last-ditch effort to get her to turn.

8. Turn, baby, turn!


Tonya said...

I know a midwife who recommends getting yourself into this weird position on your elbows with your rear-end stuck up in the air and legs apart like a triangle and staying that way for a long time. I don't have any idea how one is supposed to care for children while maintaining this activity and I am sure that Dennis would drop over on the floor laughing if you do it (I know Landon would and all the kids would join him, except Lyra who would probably want to try it too) but if you're desperate, you could give it a try. I't supposed to open up your pelvis and allow the baby to turn or something, I can't remember. I think it was recommended for someone who wasn't quite as far along as you are though.

At any rate, it's exciting to know that she'll be here soon!!!:):):)

musicmommy3 said...


I can't wait to see her pictures. :)

Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops2 said...

Good luck! You'll be in my prayers.

Have you visted www.spinningbabies.com? I believe that's the site, if it doesn't work I have it on my site on the sidebar. I used some of the techniques to turn Amelia before she was born for an easier delivery. God Bless.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I heard/read the same thing Tonya said. good luck! Can't wait to meet her!