27 February 2009

7 Quick Takes on Friday

1. Daniel is teething. Right now, he is getting three molars all at the same time. This kid has always teethed hard with multiple teeth coming in at the same time. I had forgotten what a fussy, angry, needy guy he can be with teething because it was so long ago that the teeth all came in. Coupled with this 2-year old particularity that he has developed, it is downright annoying. Yesterday, I spent an hour cuddling him in bed while he had a fever and while he protested pretty much everything. He wanted the tv on -- NO! OFF! He wanted lights on -- NO! OFF! He wanted this train -- no! the other one! Or a certain book or -- no! I finally made him get down and drugged him up with ibuprofen and tylenol at the same time. And 25 minutes later he was relatively happy. I remember at one point in the past, I swore I would not needlessly medicate my children. I'm glad I've over that.

2. We had a weird Ash Wednesday experience, basically because we were faced with doing a good thing vs. doing a better thing for our family. Both Dennis and I knew that we should not take the kiddos to church on Ash Wednesday, but we had planned to do it and he and I both wanted to go, and plus, we always go to church on Ash Wednesday. But both of us just knew we should stay home. And we were right. The whole experience was trying and the night was terrible for us. We were discussing this yesterday and realized that now that we have no legal, ethical or moral obligation to attend church, we need to make wise choices regarding how our family participates. Our first obligation is to our family now. I was thinking that other people reach this point before their first child arrives. We're a little late to the party, I guess.

3. Our Wednesday night was miserable and both Dennis and I felt like we had no sleep when we got up on Thursday. Last night, I went to bed early and was asleep by 9:15. I slept well, despite having to get up for a low blood sugar episode, having to pee three times, and waking up with Daniel fussing a few times. I was realizing today that, next week (next week!), after Emmeliese is here, I will look back on an evening like last night as a luxurious night of rest. Do you mothers out there remember how exhausting those first weeks/ months/ years are? I'm glad I'd forgotten.

4. When planning our Lenten activities, I wrote down what I wanted to do in each week and had sense enough to pick only two or three simple activities for each week. Right now, I'm reading from Thomas Merton each day, doing a scripture study during the week, and working on memorizing Psalm 51. As a family, we're learning the verse "Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me" while we use our soap cross. The other activities I had hoped to do this week were to make our Lenten cross candle centerpiece and I hoped to make pretzels. I think we're going to get to pretzels today and we'll work on the cross centerpiece on Saturday. It's a pretty relaxed plan and that is good for us.

5. We had our first thunderstorm of the spring yesterday. We had thunder, lightning, wind, tons of rain -- the works. It was neat. Today the temperature dropped again, but yesterday, it felt like early spring. The reawakening of the earth from winter has been so significant to me this year. Each little sign of new life is like a present. It's good to experience.

6. So here's another mother question -- has anyone else been feeling a little skewered by the discussions and condemnations of Nadya (aka Octomom) Sulleman's selfish desire to bear children to fill her own needs, etc? I have been thinking that if someone asked me about having children I'd not describe it the same way she has. And I'd probably use phrases referencing calling and purpose and God. But while I believe I have, indeed, been called to this sacred place of motherhood, I must be honest and say that one of the reasons I wouldn't use her terms is partly because I know it's generally not cool to admit that having kids has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. And that it has fulfilled me in ways I have never found anywhere else and that I'd love to have many more children, even though I am sometimes not "equipped" enough or -- again, if I'm honest -- willing-- to provide the best care for them. And that one of the reasons I'd have more children is because the payoffs I receive from having children are so hugely out of proportion to any sacrifices I make. And I think there are quite a few of us who could be indicted by the "has-children-for-selfish-reasons" argument. Maybe it's just Nadya and me. I know there are other differences between us, but I've been thinking maybe it's not just Nadya, but also me who is, apparently, in need of therapy from Dr. Phil.

7. And speaking of payoffs -- Daniel is currently putting lotion on my legs and feet. And on his hair, too. But as long as more lotion ends up on my legs than his hair, I'm not complaining. :)
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Sarah S-D said...

i remember! oh wait, i'm living it now!

blessings in this final week of preparations and first week of lenten discipline. i can't wait to "meet" emmaliese!

and happy belated birthday to annalivia! love that first day pic, and love the now pics too!

This Heavenly Life said...

I know what you mean about Nadya. Although I can't agree with her decision, I have a really (reeeally) hard time dragging her across the coals.

I think it's a difficult place for us as a society to be in when we allow fertility treatments, selective reductions, pregnancy terminations and whatever else...until it makes us uncomfortable. Then we're all over some poor woman who made a decision we don't understand. Thousands of abortions cause taxpayers grief too, but they're complaining about 8 living babies?

And I agree about the selfish reasons too. I can't deny that I get happy just thinking about babies loving and needing me. Am I disturbed or pathetic? I don't think so. We all reach out for what we want, one way or another. God help me if someday what I want is not what society believes is right for me.

Cara said...

About Nadya, well, I absolutely adore being a mother. I haven't been following the story, though.

And about being rested- don't forget how absolutely tiring it is being pregnant! I've gotten much better sleep since I had Sam than I did my entire pregnancy, I think.

-M said...

Well said, This Heavenly Life!