22 June 2009

About blogging...

When I started this blog, I lived away from family and friends. My little girl was growing and changing and I wanted to tell everyone about her. I was also pastoring a church and emerging from what, at the time, felt like a 25-year spiritual drought. I had lots to say and not many, other than a longsuffering husband, to listen to it all.

Things have changed since then. I have three kiddos now, and while the transition to three children from two did not seem as overwhelming as the transition to two children from one, what I find is that I no longer have much actual time to record my thinking about cabbages and kings. When the end of the day comes, or a child actually naps, it seems much more pressing and, frankly, more fulfilling to do a load of laundry or read to another kid or talk to my husband or... any number of things, really, rather than blogging.

I am not sure what will happen in this space. Historically, whenever I decide to step back from blogging, just the thought of stepping back, or the announcement of it -- whichever -- seems to be all I need to spur me forth into a blogging frenzy. Lord knows I have enough pics to fill up an entire summer and some of the fall! So I may appear tomorrow with brand new daily posts.

Or I might not. I find my brain processing lots of thoughts about faith and family right now, but I also don't feel very compelled to spew them all out onto the internet. I've been grateful for the space to process aloud, especially as an extrovert without much people-time that was tank-filling. And to have people interact and give input here and on your own blogs was really great. I've found that lots of people I know read this blog -- which I appreciate. Really. But I've also found that processing things in the open can lead to hurt feelings. And that's my last intention. Really.

So. Here's to the blog and to you who read and have read. I have "met" some amazing and truly-inspiring folks because of blogdom. Thank you. And in case I don't get back to say it any time soon -- serving and loving, together, with you, has been a life-changing experience for me. Thanks again.