24 September 2009

September remember -- ready for something

Daniel in the driveway yesterday drinking his juice box (a rare treat for us) and wearing his backpack. He likes to fill his backpack with various odd items -- the shape sorter box, a wood hammer, several Thomas trains and his baby doll before he goes to Grandma's. Then he leaves it in the van.

On internet access...or not

Recently, we ported our home phone number over to our cell phone company because it saves a bit of money. Consequently, our fomer phone provider automatically cancelled our internet service. We could have it reinstated, of course, or we could find another provider, but it's been so nice to not have the internet that we may just keep it unplugged.
Right now I am at our local coffeeshop enjoying my Mother's Sabbath. They have free wi-fi, as does the library. As do my parents, for that matter. I'm thinking that if I check in at least once a day, I should be able to keep on top of whatever I have to do with email and banking. And next year, I'm going to get out of whatever I have to do with email so that it's no longer necessary and I can just check in once a week or so.
It's nice to be unplugged at home. I forget how much mental energy the internet can suck from me if I let it. It's nice to be free.

22 September 2009

September remember -- Emmeliese's toothy grin

Her teeth really did come in like this. She also has her bottom center teeth. I'm so glad I got a picture of our little Dracula because the top middle tooth broke through today.

September remember photos -- Daniel's chunky sweater

I've been crocheting after missing an entire summer of not doing any crochet at all. My first project was a chunky turtleneck sweater for Daniel. He wants to wear it all the time including today when it was 83 degrees out. (And no, I don't have a pattern. I just make it up as I go and I never write stuff down. Sorry.)
Sweet story -- when I snapped this, he wasn't doing any natural smiling (i.e. he was either staring into the camera or saying "CHEEEEEESE!!"). I asked him what his favorite thing is. He looked up and smiled and said, "Obeying..." *click* :)

September remember photos

We've been going over to the College to the labyrinth about once a week. I walk the path with Emmeliese and contemplate.

I wish I could write that my kids are equally reverent. They aren't; they race around. Or they roll around in the grass, looking a whole lot like a certain great-grandfather I know.

The light is amazing there sometimes. I love September light.

When at home, my poor deprived child has to take safety in her own hands and create her own bicycle helmet... :)

September remember -- more

The cuteness has continued in large helpings here, but I haven't had time to write things down. I wish I had, though, because I miss things that I know I wanted to remember, but I just don't have the mental capacity anymore. Alas.

Anyway...two sweet things and then some photos...

Annalivia has taken to asking us questions and then prompting the answer in a stage whisper. The first time it happened, she asked me, "How did Jesus maked our food?" I had no idea what she was getting at and told her I didn't understand the question. "He SPOKE, Mommy!" she said in a loud whisper. Turns out, she was talking about Creation. Now I'm constantly quizzed on all matter of subjects but I never have to worry about supplying the answer because she always has one at the ready.

I dropped Annalivia off at my mother's house after preschool the other day for lunch with Daniel and her cousin, Lirah. Daniel was standing at the window and Annalivia shot out of the car screaming, "Hi, Daniel! I'm coming, buddy!"

13 September 2009

September remember #13

I wish I could get a pic of Emmeliese's vampire grin. She has four teeth -- two in the center bottom and her two top incisors. The effect is precious. Our little "Fangs..."
We had to go to a visitation up north today, so we had the older two kids stay with my Mom. As we were explaining we were going to a funeral home, Annalivia said, "So... who died today?" As though someone we know dies everyday and it's all old news. I'm going to chalk this up to the fact that we live across from a funeral home and there are always people coming and going from visitations. I hope that's it.

Sunday school today was in the new addition at church. Daniel and Annalivia were also in separate clases for the first time. We've been trying to sell Daniel on being in his "very own classroom!!!" for weeks. It worked well for Sunday School. He went right into the room and started helping the teacher. At Children's Church, he was less enthusiastic, until the teacher pointed out that they had Goldfish snacks. Then he was all about going to his room without Annalivia. (Her room had cupcakes, but we didn't find it necessary to point that out.)

On the way back from the visitation, we were winding down a country road and Dennis spotted a rear-mounted mower on the back of a little tractor about a quarter mile ahead of us. He said, "That's a Woods RM660. You can check if I'm right as I pass it." Then he talked about its 3 spindles and something or other drive shaft and something or other deck. It WAS a Woods RM660. Of course. He's so cute, especially when he knows what he's talking about.

12 September 2009

September remember #12

It seemed like a long day today. Dennis and I were both tired. Daniel and Annalivia foresook their naps, and bickered a lot, and Emmeliese was punky. When the big kids went to bed, they both went reluctantly while I was trying to get Emmeliese to sleep. Then they heard me laugh. Mayhem ensued. In their exhaustion, they somehow reasoned that while it was ok if Mommy was absent from bedtime routines due to rocking Emmeliese; if Mommy was absent and enjoying herself, well...that was quite another story. :)
Anyway, they were both calling for me and Annalivia was working herself up into quite a fit when Daniel began to cry, too. His volume began to approach her level (which is saying something) when I heard her yell with frustration, "Daniel! QUIT. YOUR. FUSSIN'!"
Apparently, there's only room for one dramatist at bedtime in our house and Annalivia staked out that territory long ago...

11 September 2009

September remember #11

The barges on the Illinois River were flying flags at half-mast today and our streets in Eureka were lined with flags, courtesy of the Boy Scouts. It reminded me of those days immediately following Sept. 11, 2001. Remember how the flag looked completely new somehow?

Annalivia has taken to asking, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Mom?" or saying, "I think I'm thinking what you're thinking, Mommy." I don't think we've ever been thinking the same thing yet since she's usually thinking about flowers, princesses and/ or kittens.

The other day, we had pudding cups as a treat. (We had these because our grocery shopping ended right around lunch time and we were all tired and cranky.) I overheard Annalivia tell Daniel that in just a second, they could have their "frosting cups". Ick.

10 September 2009

September remember #10

Emmeliese turned over last night. Finally. In honor of the occasion, she got her first little teeny tiny bites of food today -- mashed banana on her 6-month birthday.

Daniel had a dirty diaper right before naps today (around 2). He said, "Don't worry. Daddy can change it!" Yeah, um... Daddy doesn't get home until 5, buddy. That's not going to work too well.


I don't think I've ever mentioned here about Annalivia's prolific drawing. The kid draws CONSTANTLY on everything and if we dare leave a pad of paper out, by the end of the day, it's mostly full of drawings. Her drawings are almost always of girls, usually with long hair, dresses and high-heeled shoes on. I should scan some in sometime. They're amazing, if I do say so myself.

For a while now, when Daniel says "whoopsie-daisy", he says, "Upsie-doozy!" Today, he was singing about the upsie-doozy spider going up the hose and the water coming out. :) He'll learn the real version soon enough.


I keep this list going through the day and keep forgetting to publish these at night. So, here is a backlog of September-remembers, all published this evening. Goodnight!

09 September 2009

September remember #9

Every morning, the big kids come into my room and when Emmeliese wakes up, they want to "come see her". This means they want me to put her in the middle of the bed and let them kiss her and talk to her. If I don't put her in the middle of the bed, with plenty of room on either side, there is a constant accusation that the other one is "getting to look at Emmeliese more than me!"

Annalivia started Kids' Club tonight. It's a children's ministry program at the church we've been attending. She also started preschool at a different school than she attended last year because she gets to go in the morning. Since the preschool is part of a nursing home facility, the children visited the residents today. Annalivia was excited to tell me that she had been in the place where Grammy Adaline was before she died. Then we had a long conversation about dying and Jesus. The way her little spirit is so open and receptive right now is so amazing to me. I think I'm learning as much as she is.

08 September 2009

September remember #8

Today is my nephew's birthday. I remembered this when I woke up because Annalivia told me. I think that's kind of cool that she is at an age where she can remember important things.


Emmeliese is at that delightful age where, if conditions are precisely perfect, she can stand in an exersaucer and play for about 20 minutes. It's wonderful.


Daniel's affection for Emmeliese has not lessened at all since she was born. Often he will come up to her, give her a kiss and say, "Ohhhh, she's cute!" or "She's so pretty!" Sweet boy.

07 September 2009

September remember #7

Last night we went for a drive and I was talking to Dennis while Annalivia was trying to talk to me. She was tired of being patient and said, "Mommy, you talk to Daddy A LOT!"

"I do talk to Daddy a lot," I said. "I don't get to talk to him very much and I get to talk to you two all the time. And he's my husband and I love to talk to him and..."

Annalivia cut me off with "He's your prince!"

It's true. :)


My prince and I realized that he didn't have to work today, so we threw caution to the wind and watched a movie at 10:30 last night. It was practically a date!


Annalivia has been singing "I-lee, I-lee, I-lee" lately. Finally I heard her sing, "That's for me" and it occurred to me that she was singing "The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that's the book for me..."

06 September 2009

September remember #6

On our way to church this morning, Annalivia told me that if I kept driving on a certain road, I'd probably find her friend Charlotte's house. We'd know it was her house because it probably had a horse mailbox. Because Charlotte really likes horses.
This reminded me that Annalivia is convinced that Kylie, a girl who went to preschool with her last year, lives down the street from our new house. Why? A black cat lives there. And Kylie really loves cats.
When we got back from church, I went to put my shoes in the closet and found that Daniel (who stayed home from church) had piled about 40 books in there along with a bunch of clothes, toys, etc. I found out that was about 1/3 of what was originally in there. Dennis made him move most of it before we got home. I swear that kid is part squirrel.
Tonight Annalivia hid under a big towel after her bath well enough that her daddy couldn't find her. He wandered around calling her name until he heard giggling coming from the towel. He did the whole, "Where's Annalivia?" thing.
"It's just a talking towel!" she said. Then she showed herself with lots of laughing.
Then she told Daddy that she was going to do the same thing tomorrow night. "So it will be a surprise, eh?" he asked.
"Yeah!" she replied.
I came out to the music coordinators at the church we've been attending and told them I was a vocal performance major in the context of a larger conversation about singing with them. Since I went to college with the pastor and sang with him, I knew it would come out one way or another.
The reason I don't share this fact much is not because I don't like to sing, but because I don't like the way people apologize for their own musical abilities around me, even though it's not like I'm the world's greatest singer or anything. I think it's sort of like the way I feel around theory people. I can't count, really, but I can count enough to sing and participate in music groups most of the time. But put me with someone who really can count, or worse, sightread perfectly, or even well, and I feel like nervous-vomiting. Most people really can sing, but feel like they can't and then someone shows up who can and they feel all awkward. I don't like that. Especially in church. So if you're one of those people -- just sing -- sing proud. If the music performance majors are judging you, they aren't singing for the right reason anyway.

05 September 2009

September remember #5

Daniel has a fever and cough today. He is fussy, punky, naughty...and also...super-sweet. I read him Thomas stories at noon after he climbed into bed of his own accord. At 3 he wanted to lie down with me, so we laid down on the couch and he fell asleep again. Poor little guy.


Annalivia was being an incredibly patient and kind big sister today. Nothing she did was the right thing for Daniel, but instead of getting frustrated she just did other things. We let her watch a movie upstairs as a bit of a treat and after his nap, Daniel went up, took out her dvd which was mid-story, and put in one of his own. That almost did her in. Long-suffering for much more than 8 hours is tough when you're 4.

At the EtCetera Shoppe today, I found several of my favorite books from childhood, including Sleeping Beauty as illustrated by Sheilah Beckett. It was part of "The Best Book Club Ever", a book service from Random House that my maternal grandmother received. Finding these books reminded me of another favorite Snow White and Rose Red also produced by the book club. I found it for $2 on ebay and discovered that it is also illustrated Sheilah Beckett. Then I found out that a lot of the books I loved as a girl were illustrated by her. Very cool.

We had a guy come to the house today to give us a quote on drywalling everything. My aunt, the former architect happened (happened?) to call afterwards and when I mentioned this, she pointed out the increased noise that is transmitted in houses with drywall vs. houses with plaster. She also pointed out that, save for the parsonage, I've lived in houses with plaster walls my whole life. I am grateful for her insight. In a big ol' house with wood floors and high ceilings full of already-noisy kids, adding what would basically function as drumskins to the walls may not be the way to go. We're getting a quote from a plasterer on Monday.

04 September 2009

September remember #4

Today Annalivia had preschool orientation. She is going to a different preschool this year and though we will really miss her favorite teacher from the nursery school, she'll be in a morning class. And that's really good for her.

Last night after we were in bed, Dennis told me very excitedly and enthusiastically about a machine that has a 550 horsepower engine that Case IH makes at the location where he works . I faked enthusiasm and he said, "You really have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" I don't. I feel sorry for him that he married a wife who has NO CLUE about his interests. Sorry, honey. Hopefully the cooking makes up for it.


We went on a little drive tonight and found an AMAZING homemade ice cream store in a little town near us where the church we've been attending is located. I got an ice cream cone for Dennis with Moose Tracks flavor. It was THE BEST ice cream I've ever, ever had. SOOOOOO delicious and uber-cheap. Wow.

Tonight is the full Corn or Fruit Moon. It was beautiful as it rose. And no, it's not the Harvest Moon because the full moon closest to the fall equinox is the Harvest Moon. That's Oct. 4 this year.


I love fall. The way the light becomes all golden and the shadows lengthen and the mist just seems to hang in the cornfields and the kids in football jerseys marking a home-game seem to get younger and younger... it is a delightful part of life.

03 September 2009

September remember #3

Last night, Daniel had about 25 books in bed with him. He had fallen asleep on top of a vintage Thomas book and a James Herriot compilation. I wonder if he dreams with an English accent?


We've been working on practicing cheerfulness instead of fussing and whining. I picked the kids up from my mom's today and Daniel got in the van, sat down and said, "I have a happy heart, Mommy!"


Annalivia and Daniel were playing with the couch cushions tonight. They were building mountains out of them and then rolling down them or jumping off the couch onto them. Then they were pretending to hide from imaginary predators behind them. At one point Annalivia said, "Oh no! Here comes a mean parent!"


The fridge is not cooling. I noticed that the milk wasn't really cool yesterday, but I think it was on the way to lukewarmness when I encountered it. We only realized there was a big problem after Emmeliese got sick on formula that had soured. We were up at 4 a.m. Dennis cleaned out the fridge at 5:30. Emmeliese had an icky day -- fussy and not sleeping well or regularly. Tonight Dennis thinks he fixed the fridge. Here's hoping!

02 September 2009

September remember #2

Today was garbage day. The kids love to bring the garbage cans up from the curb because they have wheels on them. Daniel was so happy, bringing up that big garbage can that's bigger than he is! Annalivia brought her can and both lids, then took time to take each lid out of her can and then bang them into place on top of their respective cans.
Annalivia after closing Dennis' laptop: "Mommy, I shut Daddy's computer so it wouldn't dry out."

And Annalivia after I told her to look at a flock of geese flying into the sunset, "Do the geese LIVE in the sunset?"

01 September 2009

September remember #1

Today, Annalivia had to go to the bathroom while we were out and about. We found a spot in the country where she could do her business. Daniel is a little monkey-do and said he had to go pee-pee, too. I reminded him that he was wearing a diaper, then got Annalivia out of the van. I was helping her, giving instructions on the finer points of going to the bathroom outside, and heard Daniel getting out of his seat in the van. I didn't pay much attention. But when Annalivia and I turned around to get back in the van, I found a little boy, shoes off, completely naked from the waist down (wearing an American flag sweater and a lobster shirt from the waist up.) He didn't understand why Mommy was laughing so hard. :)
Also, my new computer came today. I opened it up as the kids were headed up for baths with Daddy. Annalivia saw it and said, "Awwww, you got a new computer! Can I have your old one?"

September remember

Awhile ago, I read or heard of a woman who wrote down little things that happened every day on her calendar at home. It wasn't much -- just little sentences, but they were things that she wanted to remember.
It seemed like a good idea to me, but our calendar is a cheap desk calendar with pages that rip off. It's nothing I want to keep. So I thought I'd write things down here this month and see if it's a discipline I want to continue into private life.