06 February 2009

7 Quick Takes on Friday: The early morning edition

1. Today I am on temporary bedrest. For a large variety of reasons, none of which are interesting and some of which are directly related to me being a moron, I have to take it easy today until I go and see the perinatologist this afternoon. Basically, I get to lie around all day. Why then am I awake at 5 a.m.? I can guarantee that if I was attending the meetings I was supposed to attend today at 9 a.m., I would be sound asleep right now and probably struggling to awake in a few hours.

2. I got the first of two steroid shots yesterday to see if we can speed the development of little E's lungs along, just in case she needs to arrive early. The doctor said, "These may make your blood sugar a little high." That may have been the understatement of the week. Emmeliese probably gained two pounds last night.

3. Tomorrow my baby boy turns 2. About this time two years ago, I was fitfully asleep through contractions before the doc came in and broke my water. I was in Dixon, IL, hometown of Ronald W. Reagan, and positive that Daniel would be born on Feb. 6, his birthdate. I guess not. Oh well.

4. Today I was supposed to go to Eureka College, college home of Ronald W. Reagan and attend meetings and celebrate Founder's Day which is also Feb. 6 ("For it was on this day in 1855, a charter granted by the State of Illinois..."). But I guess not. Oh well.

5. I have been thinking for the last day or so about Jen at Conversion Diary's post about children behaving in worship. I was specifically thinking about the idea that Sabbath worship should be the high point of our week. I know that Catholics view the Mass as a moments in time to come in contact with the real, living presence of the Body of Christ through the Eucharist and so they see that time of corporate worship sacramentally, which is something a lot of Protestants are inclined to just dismiss. But it occurs to me that many of us, especially those of us who celebrate Communion weekly, would do well to consider the significance of the act and its place in worship, and our attitudes surrounding it, and how our behavior reflects those attitudes. Or perhaps just this Protestant should do that.

6. I have not mentioned an update of my Grammy lately because it seems so private, but I think I will share now that Grammy is entering hospice care very shortly. She's not been eating and has lost a great deal of weight and strength. My grandfather is dealing with everything amazingly well, but right now, he's a little sick and I think Grammy and Gramps could just both use more prayers.

7. Now that it is February, I feel like those of us who electively live in states that are usually below freezing from Dec-Mar have the right to begin complaining about the cold -- and effusively. Especially since Phil dealt us a blow the other day. BUT -- it may get out of the 30's here this weekend and for two or three whole days!! Hurrah!!

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~liz said...

"I was specifically thinking about the idea that Sabbath worship should be the high point of our week. "

this, too, has been constantly on my mind since i read that. i hope to begin a journey towards that goal!

praying for your grammy. and for your family,

Diane said...

I will certainly pray for your grandparents. It's a difficult time of life, when we realize those we love so much are not only mortal, but the time is near.

The Sabbath - it seems protestants/evangelicals have moved away from viewing corporate worship as truly gathering in the presence of God for worship. I know that since I moved to a church that meets in a school gym, my own "Sunday best" dress has gone from better-than-work clothes to jeans - and I think my attitude of worship has suffered as well.

Something for us all to meditate on, and work towards.

Lucky Fresh said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel!

And prayers for your grandparents.

I will need to read the post about worship behavior. I guess I feel like we do think of it sacramentally, but I'm not sure I know what you mean by that.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Sorry to hear this about your grandmother. I will be praying for both of them, and your family. I'm also praying for you and baby and hoping she turns and everything goes well.

Tonya said...

I hope you are okay! Praying for you and Emmalise!

As for the weather, you need to move south honey. My kids were running around shirtless and barefoot today and still sweating. Of course, in the middle of the summer, I will be wanting to move north. Why can't there be a state where the temps vascillate between 60 and 80?