26 November 2008

Why don't I think of these things sooner?

I have pulled the turkey out of the oven. It smells wonderful. It tastes pretty good, too. I cooked it in an oven bag because it is getting sliced up and put in a dish ahead of time. I like the oven bag because the cooking time is so much faster, and it seems to me that the meat seems a little more moist. Even still, I think the breast meat is too dry. This is one reason I appreciate the whole slice-it-up-ahead-of-time turkey prep. Last year when I pulled out the bird, I was sort of aghast at how dry the breast meat ended up. I sliced it, covered it with broth, and refrigerated it. The next day, it was delicious.
What occurred to me today, though, after I took the turkey out of the oven, of course, was that I could have cooked it with the breast side down. The presentation factor is removed from it anyway and it probably would be more delicious. Next year, maybe I'll try it. If I can remember.
Now, on to the real star of the day -- the gravy. I'm debating whether to do it right now while the juices are hot, or wait until this evening when Dennis can do some whisking. I'm leaning towards the evening option. I still have the casseroles to assemble and the pate to make. I can do those before he gets home and just have gravy to do later.
PLUS -- I have to get ready for the big highlight of the next few days -- sistah night! Tonight! Three of four sistahs are already in central IL. The fourth should be arriving soon! I am guaranteed to have a great evening. I should probably shower to assure the same for my sistahs! :)
Be well, all. And if I don't get back to post again -- have a happy Thanksgiving!


Amy said...

I always cook my turkey upside down. It's much more moist. And I stick garlic and rosemary in the skin and the carcass--it makes for a nice subtle flavor.

Have a happy thanksgiving!

The Passarelli's said...

Happy Thanksgiving April and family!