12 November 2008

A new project

I'm learning to crochet. Long ago, my maternal grandmother, Ga, made my family Christmas stockings. They were wonderful -- all about the same shape, but all different designs, personalized with names, big enough to fit toothbrushes and socks and books and cd's as well as a larger gift, stretchy enough so that when an orange was put in the toe they hung down another foot... They really were everything a Christmas stocking should be.

The last few years, we've not used Christmas stockings. But the house we are renting has a beautiful fireplace and I want my little ones to have the same sort of experience opening their stocking on Christmas morning. Ga has been gone 11 years now, so I can't ask her how she made them. However, I know they were crocheted and thanks to the miracles of the internet and YouTube and this brilliant woman, I'm forging ahead on my own. I hope to get one done for Daniel and Annalivia by this Christmas. And hopefully, I'll have the other three finished by Christmas 2009!


Anonymous said...

I know you have your pattern already, but my mom has a great stocking pattern too. I think it's knitted. You could ask her to show them to you. They are lined, so the orange thing doesn't cause as much of a stretching-out problem.


Kelly said...

Just found your blog. Your stocking story brings a smile to my face. My great aunt crocheted Christmas stockings for all of the children born into our large family. They were our greatest joy on Christmas morning and my mom's biggest nightmare to fill! I love finding mine in our Christmas decorations every year. My stocking is 46 years old and can still bring me back to my childhood.