10 November 2008

Fake flowers

This summer, before I left the pastorate, a daughter-in-law of a church member came to church to give us a demonstration on how to arrange fake flowers. It was interesting and we made several bouquets for the chancel of the church, but I sort of filed the info under "Things I now know and won't ever use."
Fast forward to the last couple of weeks when I went to a couple of the big craft stores in Peoria and noticed that all of the fall flowers were on 50%-75% off clearance. I found some big hydrangeas, which happen to be one of my flower weaknesses, and then it occurred to me that I know, sort of, how to use those! So I bought some others and came up with these bouquets with the help of two vases from WalMart.

This one is on the library table in our foyer. It is perfect for the space. I like the colors and the fake berries. And I especially like the hanging, spindly leaves and things. My favorite thing is the hydrangeas.

This one is in the entryway right by one of the front doors. Again, it is about the perfect size and you can't tell in these photos, but the leaves hang down and the fuzzy things are a lot more green and protude out. And the eucalyptus has more green in it, too.

I have always kind of been a fresh-flowers only type of snob, but I gotta say -- I like not watering things. And I like that these arrangements are going to last. And I like that I was actually able to arrange them, which I have never, ever been able to do with fresh flowers.

So... fake flowers for me. For now.

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