14 November 2008

My first completed project

Ok. I don't mean to be over-dramatic, but I think the universe has shifted. I have actually completed an artistic project. (Those of you who know me can now pick yourselves up off of the floor.) I owe it all to the miracle called crochet.
I think I might be addicted to crochet. Seriously. Dennis caught me creeping out of bed at 12:15 this morning and asked where I was going. "Just downstairs." He asked what I was going to do. "Ummm....just some stuff."
"Let me guess," he said. "Does this 'stuff' involve YARN?"
Last night after puzzling over the heel of the stockings for a few hours, I decided to start a project this morning that I thought I could finish quickly. I had bought this yarn to make a hat and scarf for Daniel and decided to start the hat. I found this wonderful woman's video tutorial on how to make a circle. I studied it and and also watched her video for a how to make a beanie, then I struck out on my own. I made the circle first so that the hat would have a larger, flatter crown to fit my son's giant head. (43 hours of labor. I'm just sayin'...) Then I made short rounds and towards the end, just went back and forth to make the earflaps. The flaps can be worn up or down, and the ties are just a simple chain.

It is definitely not perfect, but it is DONE! And wearable and pretty cute, I think, especially when on his little (or not-so-little) head.


Sarah S-D said...

it is GORGEOUS. yay for you!

Lil said...

Now all he needs is some bad computer animation to go along with his Tron hat!

~liz said...

that is AWESOME!
i knit more than crochet, but crochet goes so much faster than knitting - i may just get back into it with your inspiring post! :)

Unknown said...

Very cute hats, both of them.

43 hours of labor? For real??

April said...

Yep, for real. They induced me at 9 on Monday morning and he was born at 4:45 on Wednesday morning. I pushed for two and half hours. He really has a large head.