24 November 2008

Thanksgiving Build-up

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! I kind of can't believe it, also. Where has the time gone?
We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house on Thursday early evening, but before that, late morning, the family is coming to our house for Pate (with the little accent on the e -- how does one do that, by the way?) and hors d'ouevres. I'm in charge of the food for that and then I'll be taking some food to Lil's also. Since I'm having a few problems adjusting to some new medication and have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and a guest arriving on Thursday morning, I've decided to create a schedule for myself to keep myself on track and make sure I have time to rest. I know none of you out there really needs this much info, but it helps me to be accountable, if only to Blogger. So, here it is.

Cook turkey necks/ drumstick, celery and onion to make broth for gravy and turkey. Strain, refrigerate.
Fold clothes currently piled on guest room bed. :)
Get out any new thanksgiving decorations i.e. the cornucopia.

Slice and blanche squash for casserole. Refrigerate.
Cook livers for pate. Refrigerate.
Make spinach artichoke dip. Refrigerate.
Vacuum upstairs, including guest room.

Set out cream cheese to soften for pate.
Assemble squash casserole.
Assemble corn casserole.
Bake turkey. Cool. Slice. Cover with broth, cover and refrigerate.
Make pate. Refrigerate.
Make gravy. Refrigerate.
Clean bathrooms, vacuum downstairs again.
Put out guest towels.
Go enjoy sistah night.
Put clean tablecloth on the table.

Make parmesan breadsticks.
Make bacon appetizers.
Set out pate, crackers, cheeses, dips, summer sausage, hot appetizers, peanuts, punch, juice, wine etc.
One hour before dinner, cook casseroles, reheat turkey, reheat gravy. Drive the five blocks to Lil's. Give lots and lots of thanks.

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