21 November 2008

Pink hats

For my girls :)
Please ignore the fact that my daughter is about to taste a ginko leaf. Again. Annalivia's hat is cloche-style with a scalloped edge and an added ear/ neck warmer all the way around the sides and back of the inside. She didn't like it until I added the white edging and the flower.
Emmeliese's hat is an adjustable preemie hat. There's a set of eyelets further up that the tie could go in to make it larger. I wanted to make a small hat that would be soft and warm that could be worn right after she's born. The hospital's hats were so huge on Annalivia; we took a preemie hat for Daniel and it worked perfectly. Emmeliese's hat is being modeled by Annalivia's doll, Henry, who was just slightly larger than Daniel when he was born. I think the hat should fit Emmeliese in the hospital. Unless she has her brother's giant head, that is. :)

I've also got some gorgeous merino wool/ cashmere/ silk pink yarn to make something really special for Emmeliese. And I've got some fun fuzzy stuff to make Annalivia a hat and scarf and mittens to go with her new red wool church coat. So I'll be busy. And there will be more photos to come...

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-M said...

Would you make me a cool crochetted thing for xmas???? PLEASE????? I will wear it I PROMISE :) Like a beret???? In some fabulous color combination you get to choose???? :))