23 September 2006

When the adrenaline wears off...

When the adrenaline wears off, everything hurts. Ribs, fingers, shoulders, belly, legs, rear end... even parts we didn't know we had, hurt. We continue to be thankful for fact we can even feel the hurt, but, I must admit we are getting a little punky.
We have surgery scheduled for both of us on Tues. at Rockford Memorial to fix our arms. We'll be there at least a night, perhaps two for me, depending how the baby is doing. Hopefully, when we come home we can get to work on really feeling better.
Dennis will be off work for about 6 weeks. I'm going to try to get back to the pulpit Oct. 8, but we'll see how it goes. Since neither of us will be driving anytime soon, we're getting our Netflix subscription set up tomorrow. And I'm sure we'll be dealing with insurance companies ad nauseum which will keep us busy.
There are so many of you to whom I should respond individually, but frankly, it takes forever to type anything and, actually, kinda hurts. So, please know that we are SO, so grateful for your concern and prayers. It all means the world to us.


molly said...

OH MAN, it's good to hear from you!!! What an adventure!!!! AUGH!
Know that some folks in Alaska are praying for you. :)

Psalmist said...

NO WAY should you feel obligated to respond to people personally. It's we, your online friends, who are privileged to be praying for you and letting you know we care about you. Please, don't sweat that, OK? Just do all you can to relax and let the healing happen. We're praying for you at my church, and of course I am praying personally, too.

revabi said...

Like the Psalmist says,
You sure do not have to respond.
We know it is hard for you do so.

I got NetFlix and it is worth it.
Prayer for you with your upcoming surgeries. and Good luck dealing with the insurance companies.

Hope the baby does okay

T said...

Praying for you too!

Crystal said...

Oh you poor sweet thing!! I'm so glad that you and Dennis are going to be alright but I'm so sorry you have to feel any pain.

Crystal said...

oops I didn't finish my comment. I was going to add that I'm still praying for you and your family and some hugs!!

Dawn C said...

Respond personally?!!! Girl, one too many hits to the head! No, no, no. This is the time that others hold you up in prayer and you just revel in it.

Now, go take a nap. :)

Amalee Issa said...

Ouch. Thank goodness you all survived. Your guardian angels were clearly doing their job. Sunny Derbyshire sending prayers your way, and upwards to thank Him for keeping this lovely blog-author going. Amalee

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

It is possible
To witness
In your life -
By surprising
Your destiny.

Ben Okri

Keep going, guys. Everyone's so proud of you.

tonia said...

You just rest those fingers!

Praying for you this morning. I am thanking the Lord for His protection around you all.

Jenna said...

We have big hugs and big prayers for you. :o )


Cathy said...

Good to know you are able to type and keep us informed. Even if one handed!

Amalee Issa said...

Hope the surgery scheduled for Tuesday (this week I think, today is thursday), went well, and that you are both well and rested. Love from sunny Derbyshire