17 September 2006

Because some things AREN'T better IRL (in real life)

Tonight I was talking to my friend, Jimmy, who had apparently spent some time reading this here blog. In the course of conversation he said, "You know, you really come off quite well on that blog. If I didn't know you myself, I'd be terribly impressed."
Precious, isn't he?


Crystal said...

You know it really is hard to come off as your "real" self online. I try to be as authentic as I can and to be as open and raw as I can. It's hard to do when the world is watching you. But at the same time I feel like I am more like the person I am online that I'm not. I get to express how I really feel (when in real life you don't always get the chance and not everyone wants to really know what you think ~ does that make sense??) I get to write about things that matter to me, do tags and reveal parts of me that I don't think in real life most people would ask about (or at least all at once). So in many ways I think the online me is just as much a part of the "real" me.

Also it's hard to write out every last detail in your life and people who live around you and see you everyday can see those little parts that you wouldn't think to write about. Plus it is true that I don't talk about EVERY thing online. But they are the same things I wouldn't talk about with anyone other than God or my husband either.

Just rambling and thinking out loud. In reality I don't really know what it is I'm trying to say. I'm just chat chitting!!

Still praying, btw!!!!

Love yas!!

April said...

Yeah, the thing I love about blogging is that I do indeed get to explore the parts of me that don't get a lot of exposure in every day conversation or relationships, even those with my dearest, closest friends (a la James).

But it is funny how we can "see" someone that we've never met by reading their words and thoughts. I've thought that some bloggers were just absolutely brilliant, transcendently kind and clever, other-worldly wise people. And probably they are on one hand. On the other hand, they probably shoot milk out their noses when they laugh and drink at the same time, you know?

Anyway, thanks, Crystal, for commenting. It DOES make sense, by the way!

And thanks for your prayers, dearest!

Dawn C said...

Hey - I can do that - spit milk out my nose while laughing. It isn't something I enjoy however, does that get me extra credit? ;)

April, I laughed when I read what your friend said - did you toink him? LOL He deserved it.

I agree with you both - being real on line is hard - but I think that most of the people I come in contact with make every effort to be as real as possible. (which I greatly appreciate)

As for me, I remain impressed, :)

-M said...

In my official capacity as Chief Deputy County Clerk, I am privy to some feedback from the masses that may not normally reach your ears. The funderal home fella was in filing a death certificate, and I mentioned that you and mom and dad were my kin - he immediately commented that you had done a great service. He said several people had commented about how nice it was and had asked where you were the minister/ if you were near by to attend. He did not know where you were from, but he knew it was not close!

So perhaps you ARE as amazing in person...at least in the capacity of minister.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

well it is so good to see that i have caused a bit of blog banter.

and what is this "toink-ing" business...?

anyway, good thing april is so darn witty, clever, pastoral, nurturing, insightful, creative, generally martha stewart-esque, and wonderful on her blog. that way her blog friends get to know the true person that is my best friend. (there. i have been redeemed.)

jimmy, (a la james.)

Dawn C said...

Not so fast James - I didn't see any chocolate in that offering of kindness. Hold out April!! Play hard to get! Make sure that chocolate ends up on the bargaining table. :)

Toink - to roll one's hand into a fist and plop on someone else's head. Makes a rather "toink" feel or sound - very onomatopoeia-ish. :) This word is compliments of my son at age 1 1/2 - everything he hit he "toinked"