15 September 2006

Does God want you to be rich?

I've been slowly reading my way through our latest issue of Time. This is the cover story: Does God Want You to Be Rich? You can read an abstract from CNN here. (Shame on Time for not making the entire article available.)
It's interesting that Prosperity thinking is on the rise at the same time that the Crunchy Con and Emergent movements seem to be addressing the same target group with completely differently oriented messages.
I plan to add more thoughts when I actually have any mental clarity, but in the meantime I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has read the article or has knowledge/ understanding of/ or experience with the movements mentioned above.

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Holly said...

I find that interesting, too, April. I love reading about Church trends...not because they are separate from God or anything, but because I am scanning the horizon to see what God is doing in the Church today. Some of the "trends" are simply diametrically opposed. I see some REAL clashes emerging. (Yes, there is a play on words. :) )

I think the internet has changed how the movements arise to prominence, at least it has quickened the pace.

No lofty, illuminating thoughts here, but...just thought I'd chime in.