15 December 2009

This project would be easier...

...if I could find my flipping cable for my camera. I'm still taking photos for the December photo project, I just can't upload them yet. When I find it (at the bottom of my yarn bin? in the kids' room? next to the toaster?) I will make a bunch of back posts.


Clare said...

Good luck! I find my stuff in the weirdest places sometimes, like my hairbrush in the microwave and my keys in the wine cabinet...hopefully you will find it soon!

Tonya said...

Once I found my keys in the fridge. You could try there.

Other odd places I have found things:
The tailpipe of the car (sidewalk chalk)
Inside the VCR (peanut butter sandwich)
tape player (ravioli)
inside the toe of my shoes (plastic army men)
behind the bookshelves (stash of half eaten lunches)
Old butter churn (TV remote)

etc. etc. etc.

good luck finding that thing.

Amalee Issa said...

Happy Christmas April and family.

Amalee x