02 December 2009

December 2: Breakfast

A candle lit...O Come, O Come Emmanuel...Isaiah 9... hot oatmeal in bowls...cheerios in hand and on the floor...

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renee @ FIMBY said...

April, this is lovely. Isn't the sun coming through the windows in the morning simply wonderful. And the way you captured your children and your advent wreath - very nice.

I'm not sure if I thanked you yet for your comment on FIMBY. I really appreciated it. Want to know how relaxed/lazy I am this year? I'm not even getting out the advent candles. Our wooden advent "wreath" (it was actually shaped in an x) died that year when the beeswax candles I made melted alllll over it. I was really bummed. We burned the wood this summer in our outdoor fire pit and we have yet to replace it. I wasn't going to stress out running around trying to pull that one together. Funny, no one has missed it. Maybe it was only meaningful to me. See? I am letting it go this season. And I'm more relaxed this year than I have ever been.

Good grief this comment was not supposed to be about me, sorry about that. What I wanted to say was nice photo, your old house sounds intriguing, and thanks for visiting oh... and Merry Christmas.