06 December 2007

The tree rises

Yesterday, while Dennis was at school, I got into the storage closet under the stairs in the basement, dragged out the Christmas stuff, and put up the Christmas tree. It was actually fun; Annalivia was so enthusiastic and was clapping and yelling, "Yaaayyyyy!!" and "You did it, Mommy!!" every time I got a new branch on the tree.
We got it mostly decorated and then Daniel woke up so I went to get him back to sleep.

When I came back, Annalivia had hung the rest of the bells on the tree.

Spacing is clearly not too important.

She played with the nativity set for a long time. Mary and Joseph were kissing here.

The placement of the bells at the bottom of the tree is exciting for another member of the family, too, who can just reach them.

I think this is the last year for the little artificial tree and the completely kid-proof ornaments. I miss my other pretty ones. So, hopefully, next year, we can have a real tree that is large enough to put our actual ornaments on it towards the top. In the meantime, Annalivia is rearranging this one and Daniel is having a good time trying to get his hands on any part of it.

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Andrea said...

Children are so cute with Christmas trees. We have a big artificial tree. It's great in my opinion. Landen enjoys doing little things to do when we "aren't" looking. lol! Last year we had no ornaments on the bottom, all on the top. Haha.. a bit top heavy. This year the whole tree is decorated, but next year it will be top heavy again. Merry Christmas - enjoy those little ones. Landen has been making his nativity Mary and Joseph kiss as well.

Amalee Issa said...

April, you take a great photo, and I love the hands on way that Annalivia takes to the family tree and nativity pieces. Just lovely. Now I am going to have to get my act together and get our tree up at the weekend!

Crystal said...

The pictures are gorgeous! You are sooooo talented!

Cara said...

They are adorable! I love that picture of Annalivia in her little sleeper with the nativity scene :)