03 October 2007

Still there?

I want to offer apologies to those of you who still come by daily to check on the world of the McStews.
First, I want you to know that I appreciate so much your undeserved loyalty.
Second, I feel like I owe a bit of an explanation to those who've not seen or talked to me recently. Thing is -- this bone graft has kind of knocked me down. Literally. I've had some complications at the harvesting site on my hipbone and consequently have some pretty deep nerve pain in my leg that makes it hurt to walk, sit, limp about -- do much of anything, really. Further, I have a long-arm cast on my wrist that allows for almost no rotation in my arm so typing is a bit of a job and should be reserved for bulletins/ sermons, etc. Finally, I am trying to be not-the-worst-parent-in-the-world right now as I find that my normally thin patience is about non-existent, and my patience and parental effectiveness is just not helped by internet time when the kids are awake. And my healing is not helped by internet time when the kiddos finally get to bed.
Third, I wish I could offer promises that posting and updates will be more frequent. But I can't. There is so much that is bloggable right now in life -- so much I want to remember some day. It bugs me to not document it somehow
So. There y'are. My excuses/ explanations.
Again, thanks for stopping by. Y'all are appreciated. Really.


more cows than people said...

still here, dear april.

and will be.

and understood, of course.

praying for relief from pain, and increased patience, and much grace to abound for you.

Jan said...

Take care and be gentle with yourself. If you'd like a card in the "real" mailbox, send me your address at my email--hiltjan@gmail.com

Kalin said...

Feel free to call me and I will transcribe a post for you. I'm not saying I'll do so in an accurate manner, but it's better than nothing, eh?

musicmommy3 said...

I'm sorry that you are having such hard time. I am praying as I type for a speedy, less painful recovery, and for LOTS of patience. :):) Especially since you are now babyproofing.

We'll miss you but just heal right now. Heal and focus on Jesus and family. Anything else is cake.

Love, Angela :)

Amalee Issa said...

Blimey. I really like the way musicmommy3 sums it all up - anything else is cake. So take care April, and we are all still going to be here, waiting for your next post, and thinking of you in between posts. Also this --> we're women; of course we are going to hang around waiting for the next bit of gossip, er I mean blogging.

jill said...

Waiting--with the others--with baited breath!

And praying for a thorough recovery and piles of patience!