25 October 2007

One to remember

Tonight Annalivia and Daniel were in her room when I heard Daniel begin his trademark being-tormented-by-sister squealing. I peeked around the door and sure enough, Annalivia was sitting in a chair pressing her forehead down upon the head of her brother, who was trying to stand up in front of her. I separated them and began my standard mini-lecture to Annalivia.
"Annalivia, no hurt Daniel. Daniel is your little brother. Treat Daniel kindly. Love Daniel. You're his big sister. Your job is to take care of Daniel."
Annalivia responded, head down in penitence, "Okay, Mommy."
I said again, just to be sure she got it, "You no hurt Daniel, ok?"
To which she raised her head, eyes so sincere and pleaded, "Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee?"
I'll admit -- the big sister in me had a little bit of a hard time saying, "no."


more cows than people said...

smiling. thanks.

(at this post and the post before it too!)

come my way and cast a vote, k?

Anonymous said...

Smiling, too! At least she has manners. "May I hurt you?" I laughed at your response, too - I'm a big sister (and a little sister) so I've been on both ends of this scenario!


musicmommy3 said...


I was the big sister too. I can so relate. :)

I actually have to retrain my brain now that I'm raising kids. When I see Judah being not kind to his younger brothers part of me thinks, "Oh, that's just the normal way of things. The oldest tormenting the youngest." Then I have to remember that God's standards are not normal and correct him for not loving his brothers. :)

Andrea said...

LoL- I'm the big sister too! =)
This is so funny.. "pppllleeeaase"
oh how I can see Landen doing this. We have a growler on our hands.. he is constantly waking her up by growling.. it's like he doesn't want her to be asleep.

Jan said...

I'm an only child, but having had four children of my own, I can picture this scene so vividly. Thank you for sharing.

Dusty said...

At least she said "please". You really have to commend her for that!

What a cutie.

-M said...

I was just admiring my hand scar today in the car - I was impressed it was still so prominant after 15 years...

Love you - hilarious image Annalivia pleading to be able to hurt Daniel!!!