20 February 2010

The "What would you do with..." game

Tonight, after dinner, we played a fun game as a family. We found four items -- a box, a basket with handles, a foam sword, and a long scarf/ shawl and then, using one item at a time, we asked each person in the family, "What would you do with... a basket?" Then we acted out our responses and we had to guess how each person was using the item.

It was a lot of fun! Daniel didn't quite get the concept, but Annalivia was really clever! She came up with some great pantomimes. The sword was by far the best item. We used it as a toothpick, a guitar, dragon-fighting sword (Daniel), a metal detector, skiing poles, a walking stick, a dragon-fighting sword, a flute, a brake on a train, a shovel, a horse, a pen, and a dragon-fighting sword about 8 more times...among other things.

We only played the game for about 25 minutes. It ended while we were all really enjoying it and that was good. But I think we're going to do it again sometime soon.

Does anyone else have games you play with your family? I'd love to know what other families enjoy together.


The Waltons said...

We do that same sort of thing when sitting idle at the doctor's office. You know, when you get in quick, but then sit forever in the examination room. The kids love it when we grab a tongue depressor and each take turns with "What do you do with this?" Born out of desperation one visit.... :0)

Anonymous said...

ummmm why are you just now sharing this kind of wisdom? where has this game been all my working life?! I love it! CYF will be all about this Wed night! Thanks.