31 March 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I've tried starting different blog posts several times in the last week, but for whatever reason, could not coordinate completion of that task. So here are 10 random thoughts which may or may not get me back to blogging.

1. I have lots of pictures I need to share which would be easier if I were to find the camera cable and download them onto the computer.

2. Now that I've had a bit of time to process Emmeliese's birth, I realize I have more to document here. I may get to that someday. But for now let me just say, as a separate number...

3. Re: a C-section -- Oh. my. word. I have NO idea why women would electively choose a C-section over natural childbirth. Even Daniel's uber-long, incredibly painful labor was NOTHING compared to the recovery involved with the C-section. I know part of my discomfort is due to the two vertical incisions I have, but I also have no understanding of why anyone would think a major surgery is better than dealing with some soreness/ swelling. I have absolutely NO idea how women do this with children who are closer together in age or without parents/ helpers nearby. The weight restrictions mean that I can't pick up my older two kids, well, legitimately, at least. (Accidents happen, kids need comfort, you know...) I can't carry Emmeliese in her carseat. If I do, I feel it in a big way. I'd take two epidural-free vag births over a C-section any day. Really.

4. My husband is the most wonderful, amazing, astonishing and self-sacrificing guy ever created. There's much more to say about him, too. But it wouldn't be enough. He's the top. The silver tread on the feet of Fred Astaire, as it were... :)
5. Our church family has been bringing us dinners over the last week or so. And my Gramps and Mom have been making us food, too. We are getting all sorts of yummy treats. Gramps made a meatloaf the other day that the kids absolutely devoured. It was delicious.

6. I've been missing my Grammy a lot. I think I just soldiered through Grammy's death/ Emmeliese's birth/Emmeliese's hospitalization/ Grammy's memorial service and didn't think much about anything other than that which was right before us. But now I have time to think and I am thinking that I will miss my grandmother every day for the rest of my life. And I don't mean that in a depressing way, but I think I will, in fact, miss her that often.

7. We are considering making an offer on a house for sale here in town. It is a great big, old house on a huge lot on a beautiful street and it's cheap because the house needs to be completely and totally redone. The thought of completely and totally redoing a house sort of terrifies me, but it invigorates my husband, so he is doing the coordinating of every meeting/ inspection, etc. I'm being moral support.

8. It snowed 7 inches here on Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Almost all of the snow melted yesterday and now we have thick green grass showing up. It's very exciting to see Spring!

9. Emmeliese still isn't nursing, really. She has nursed a few times and when she does, sucks for about two minutes and then falls asleep. After a whole lotta prayer/ agonizing/ talking-it-over with whomever would listen, I decided to begin pumping only twice a day before bed and upon waking. When she starts nursing -- if she starts nursing -- we'll start with that schedule and then see if I can get her to nurse at other times. This decision to back off the milk production means that Dennis hasn't had to do night bottle feedings. And I am actually getting some sleep, which, at this point, was important for the good of the entire family. I hope Emmeliese will learn to nurse, but you know... if not... life will go on.

10. Our big girl was 8 lbs. 6 oz. at her weight check yesterday. Today she is three weeks old. THREE weeks! Time flies...


Anonymous said...

Here, here!! I'm TOTALLY with you re: the C-section - and I have 6 other vag births behind it. :)

I too had a huge incision, because they were trying to take her quickly (emergency) but MAN O' DAY I couldn't believe how much longer the recovery was.

Please know that I am praying with you/for you as you are in the process of recovery. Where two or more are in agreement ABOUT ANYTHING, it will be done for them by our Father in heaven. :) SO, let's agree about this, shall we?

And just for the record, I can't wait to see more baby pics. You guys have the prettiest babies. :)

Silent said...

My husband recently had hernia surgery and said the same about a c-section. (similar incision area--though obvious differences) If my strong hubby who can handle a lot of pain would say that, yowza! Hope you are healing well.

With my baby girl (now 10 months old), we used a "Supplemental Nursing System" the first few weeks. If you don't know what it is, you hand a contraption around your neck filled with liquid (formula, breast milk or combo). There is a straw from that that you put next to your breast so the baby latches on to you and the straw. The milk pretty much drips out of the straw, but does require a bit of sucking. In theory, mom can use it alone with baby, but in our experience, we needed an extra set of hands. My baby's problem wasn't so much not nursing well as being jaundiced and the doctor wanting me to get formula in her right away before my milk came in. Might not be for you, but since I hadn't heard of it and many people I tell my story to haven't either, I thought I'd share the info. I'm grateful that my doc recommended it for us.

Blessings to you.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I agree about the C-section too . . .needless to say, I have no other option, but I am not looking forward to that part of tomorrow. I hope the recovery will be made easier by my daughter's presence . . .at least easier than when I had the TAC placed. But if I had the option, I would definitely take epidural free vaginal delivery!