04 March 2009

Celtic cobblestone crocheted cardigan for Cleya

I recently finished the St. Patrick's day dress I was making for Annalivia. I totally improvised the sweater and not following a pattern apparently took its toll in the sizing. Along the way, I realized that it was going to be way too big for a four year old, so it morphed into a sweater for my niece, Cleya.

I was glad to give it to Cleya because, unlike my daughter, she was glad to receive a sweater, even if it was green. But, though the gratitude was nice, my favorite part of giving her the sweater was what happened when I asked her if I could take her picture in it.

This was, literally, her first response. She immediately started posing for the camera.

I appreciated the refreshing change from photographing my own children who generally stand about a foot from each other and look at each other and the camera suspiciously. Sort of like Daniel is doing here.

Cleya, on the other hand, really likes to experiment with different poses. She smiles and hams it up. In fact, it was hard to get her to act naturally.

Very hard.
But those of us who grew up with her mother are hardly surprised that this sweet apple fell not far from the tree. :) Isn't she great?


The Waltons said...

Have you visited the website called "Ravelry"? It's for all things knitting and crocheting! I thought of you when I saw it...

-M said...

Ha - that is awesome. I still have visions of lil wrapped in that fabric posed against the wall all intensely at about 4. Good stuff. Love the pics!