12 July 2008

Not pictured here...

My beloved Nikon D40x is BROKEN! :( :( :(
It was working great and then yesterday -- nuthin'! It won't turn on, won't even slightly light up, won't focus or click or anything!
I was reading online that apparently this is a problem that some Nikons have. The customer service guy was nice and I guess I just have to send it off and have it fixed. I'll get it back in about 3 weeks. Three weeks! Do you know how many photo ops will have passed by then?

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marlo said...

Argh, dreaded camera troubles. I'm about to buy a Nikon D300 and am not looking forward to learning all the digital mumbo jumbo. But, if I want to have a successful business it's what I have to do, I suppose. Perhaps sometime you'll let me take some portraits of your kids. That is, whenever I finally get back around to that area. Things with the baby are going to make it much more complicated for me to come home. I know! You could come visit me!!!


Glad you're feeling better. Big hug.