27 July 2008

Narnia VBS, Aslan, and us

Tonight, Annalivia went to Narnia Vacation Bible School. The VBS is co-hosted by our fellow Disciples congregation, but the VBS is located in the Presbyterian church.
The church has done an amazing job setting the stage. They have big pavilions set up and covered to look like the pavilions in the movie. To enter the sanctuary, they have a large wardrobe created and fur coats hanging on hangers. Once inside the sanctuary, there are Christmas trees with snow on them everywhere and a HUGE set with mountains, the beavers and Aslan. It was just very, very cool.
Daniel and I stayed with Annalivia from dinner through the opening, then I asked her if she wanted me to stay or go and she said, "GO!" so we left. Daniel and I went to Wal-Mart and walked around and looked at bikes, trucks, tractors and trains until he got tired. Then we bought some diapers and headed back to get Annalivia. When we got back to the church, she was crying because she had tripped/ been pushed. But apparently, for the most part, Annalivia had a good time.
Now we are home and it is 9:30 and though she's had no nap today, she is WIRED and wanting to watch Narnia for the gazillionth time. Dennis is gone back to central Illinois which means this will be a long night before the kiddos decide to give it up and give in to sleep. So Narnia in pj's it is. Sometimes being a slacker mom is entertaining.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

That is SO awesome! I would have been so freakin' thrilled about a VBS like that!

In other news, be in prayer . . .TBC's pastor has left, as well as the associate pastor, and things are a shamble. I'm probably going, my family is staying . . .just pray for peace and healing for all. :)

April said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope there is some healthy resolution eventually that keeps as much of the Body whole as possible. It's just icky to be part of that. I'll be praying for you.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Thank you. :)