20 May 2008

My little sick guy

Daniel is sick again. We have no idea what is wrong, but he has been having intestinal issues and has been vomiting on and off since Mother's Day. It has gotten worse instead of better and he just laid upon me today whenever he could.
I hate it when my little ones are sick. There is just nothing to do for them; I always feel so powerless. Powerless, and also, unproductive. I can do nothing with them laying upon me, which is ok, usually. Except when it isn't, of course.
I am reminded again of how thankful I am that he is well most of the time. Even in his fusiness, he is generally well.
I should be always grateful.


more cows than people said...

aw... hope he's much better soon.

Andrea said...

April - I know how you feel. Amelia was sick almost two weeks ago and got two teeth, okay for two days and started being sick again basically on Mother's day. We were in the ER they said pneumonia, Dr. said a virus, called me back possibly a bacteria thing. We go back today for more tests. I hope Daniel feels better soon and I know how you feel because I have been feeling the same way myself. Prayers for him and your family - as it's hard on the mommy (and daddy) when baby is sick.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I hope he feels better . . .and you have the right attitude about this. You are lucky that he is, in general, a healthy little guy. Even though I know this probably doesn't help much to remember when he's not feeling well . . .I can say that even as a teacher of small children, I hate to watch them feel sick. Makes me sad for them and wish I could make it better. I will be thinking of him and wishing him well!!