14 May 2008

Mothers' Day-ish gifts, belatedly

My grandmother gave me this lovely china that was owned by my late great-aunt. It wasn't really a Mothers' Day gift, but I got it on Mothers' Day, so I'm counting it. It is just gorgeous. There are a quite a few chipped pieces, but I will enjoy using it even more, I think, because of it -- less pressure! But if anyone has Noritake Chevonia for sale, let me know!

I got this lovely little easel from Dennis and the kids. I had requested it, as there is one like it at our bookstore that the kids just love to use. This one is for use on the back porch during the nice-weather months. It has the chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase board on the other. And it has a spot for a paper roll in the middle that feeds through the dry-erase board side. The kids most like using the eraser, I think. :)

And, of course, these are my best and most favorite gifts, enjoying a Saturday wagon ride with Daddy. Such happiness.


Sparkliesunshine said...

You saying lovely totally made my day. I feel like I am the only one who says it anymore.

China - Awesome
Easel - Awesome

You made out! :)

~liz said...

GORGEOUS! i love heirloom china and i was gifted with some when i got married. i also love finding half a set at goodwills and salvation armies, although they don't come with the "sentimental/family" tag.

and by the way, my youngest, adam, sounds just like your daniel. fussy, crabby, cranky, clingy. all the freakin' time. although he has these moments of pure lovliness, he's still the crabby one. i hope the doctor's appointment shows a healthy boy who just wants his mama too much. :) or who is still teething hard.