22 November 2007


We ended up having a great sistah night. It was freekin' cold and sleeting, but we met at our customary Irish pub and sat in the cold section to avoid the cigarette smoke. (Aside: I'm so excited for Jan. 1 when this no-smoking ban will go into effect in Illinois public places!) I had brought my camera along so after trying to take a few unstaged photos, Marissa suggested that we try to convey the intensity and hilarity of these gatherings with helpful scenarios to get us Pulitzer-esque photos.
Umm, that didn't happen, but...

Here's Roo and I. The scenario she devised for this one was "April is explaining something deeply philosophic while I listen critically with interest." She nailed it.

In this one, Roo directed Lillia to be a reporter returning from correspondence during World War and Kalin was to be a bar prostitute.
Some scenarios are more helpful than others.
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marlo said...

Happy Thanksgiving April. Love you.