08 November 2007

New skin

Yesterday, I went to the doctor's office to get my cast off, or so I thought. It has been a whole two months since I got it put on. I thought perhaps it was time to let my arm see the sun again and go through its two-month-of-no-exfoliation molting routine.
Alas, no such luck.
I came home with a new, slightly longer, much tighter cast. Where before I've chosen subdued white and black for my casts, this one is bright red. I'll go back on Dec. 10 to, hopefully, get it removed. But if not, I've requested sparkly gold -- doesn't someone make a fiberglass shot through with lurex yet? I was thinking I could use it for the Christmas pageant at church and we wouldn't even have to get a star -- I'd just hold up my sparkly arm and awe the folks.
Anyway, I was slightly punky, but when I got home, I found that which my mom calls, "skin for your back." That term originated with my grandmother, Ga, who cared for my mother when she was a child and scraped her back. Ga would bring Mom little treats and call it "skin for your back."
The new skin awaiting me yesterday was a treat from us to us in the form of our new camera. We got a Nikon D40x. We are excited. Today, I spent a lot of time playing with the 50mm lens. I got very few good photos -- as you can see, most are out of focus and over or underexposed --but I am learning fun things.
And then Mom called and she's sending some fun skin to me sometime soon. It's something I've wanted, and needed, I think, for a long time. I'll have to post photos when it arrives.
So -- on one hand, the cast -- on the other, new skin. I'll admit, it certainly softens any blow from my red Santa cast.


Amalee Issa said...

April, your new look blog is excellent. You'll have to give me some hints how to make a picture part of your banner, and your script looks great too.


Andrea said...


Sorry to hear you still have the cast on. I can't imagine with having two little ones to run after.

I'm jealous that you have a new camera. I really want a new one but can't jusitify getting one when the one I have is perfectly good. You never know though, Christmas is just around the corner. The pictures of the kids are adorable. =)

Love the new look for your blog. I want a cool new look. How did you do your Header?

April said...

We probably couldn't justify the camera, either, but we had to take photos with our other one while holding the battery in with a pinkie. Not possible for a one-armed woman.

The header is just a photo, cropped and resized. Then I added the words in my photo editing program. I have JASC Paint Shop Pro Studio which I got on eBay for $10 a couple of years ago. I like it because it is easy, plenty high-tech enough for me, and was darn cheap. You could also make a header is program like Paint, though. Just open up a cropped and resized photo and then click on the text button. To insert it into the blog, you have to convert to the newer version of Blogger and then click on the header box. It should give an option to include a photo.

Hope that helps!

more cows than people said...

april, the pictures are breathtaking.

new cast- bummer.

new camera- fabulous.

love ya.