08 January 2010


Ok, if y'all are not using Swagbucks to search the internet, start now, and please click through on this widget.
Search & Win
Swagbucks is easy to use and one earns "bucks" for regular internet searches. These bucks can be traded for gift cards to Amazon or many, many other places.
I think it is one of the easiest ways to earn just a bit of extra money. In the month and a half that I've used Swagbucks, I've earned enough for $20 off of alice.com or $10 off of an Amazon order, and it has been almost painless. In fact, I've gotten so addicted to winning that I sometimes take an extra step or two in a search in order to win a buck.
Consider joining up through this widget or link, won't you, please? It's a very nice thing.


Kalin said...

If only you'd joined through my affiliate link, we could be sharing this joy.



April said...

Alas, indeed.

If only you'd blog occasionally so I had a reason to go there...