21 January 2010

A family united at last

Tonya's sister-in-law Catrina has FINALLY been united with her Haitian adopted daughter in Pittsburgh. See the very cool video here!

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Tonya said...

April, you'll be happy to hear that the For His Glory kids are coming out. I think I was told that they would be arriving either last night or tonight??? Also, other friends are hoping to have their almost three year old son home from Port-au-Pi within two weeks. His orphanage isn't a wreck, but they are expediting in order to get him home anywat even though half their paper work was buried in a building in Port-au-prince. Anyway. There are little pockets of beauty in all this. And several people we know are getting current on paperwork in order to be ready for the orphans coming in within the next months and years. YAY! Thanks for all the "press" you are giving this. It helps.