10 January 2010

Sunday triumph

For the first time in a looooooonnnnnng time, we managed to have a very nice Sunday here at our house. I've known that the key to a peaceful a.m. of any day, really, but especially Sunday, is the preparation the night before. But we just kept missing the mark, for some reason. This week was different.
We figured out what all of us were wearing on Saturday night. I had breakfast in mind, and a back-up plan in case I didn't get to Plan A and the table was cleaned off and ready to go. I had also browned a pork roast on Sat. night and stuck it in the fridge ready to be put in the oven. We went to bed late, because we forgot we were supposed to do homework for our Sunday School class, but other than that, our Saturday prep was good.
This morning, we woke up early thanks to our 10-month-old alarm clock. I showered and determined that Plan B (Oatmeal and dried fruit) was going to be breakfast. We prayed and ate together, which was very nice. Then I cut up some potatoes and put them, covered with water and on high heat, in the crockpot, and put the roast in the oven. As we walked out the door, I turned on the crockpot and the oven.
We actually got to Sunday School on time. Emmeliese was ready for a nap during church and so after I took the kids to Children's Church, I took her into an empty classroom and hummed to her and rocked back and forth, and she was out. She slept through the rest of church.
Afterwards, we came home to a house that smelled AMAZING! I drained and mashed the potatoes, skins and all, and took the roast out of the oven, heated up some vegetables in the microwave and we were ready for Sunday lunch less than 15 minutes after we came home. It was so cool.
Now, there's a lot of cleanup to do. Dennis is working on the new house and I'm going to get to work here. Hopefully I can get it all done in the next half-hour in time for Quiet Time. If I can manage to work in a little nap, too, it will be a downright perfect day.

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Tonya said...

Wow! That sounds perfectly lovely. I need to try your method.

And I'm sorry about your mug (next post). That's a bummer. At least you have a nice picture of it to remember it by.