13 October 2008

Tuned in

Last night Dennis hooked up our tv and dvd system. I have been trying to hold out and not have it available to us because I think I use it as kind of a parenting crutch. However, I also recognize that as the pregnancy progresses, there are times when it will be helpful to have the kids distracted by something other than me or something I'll have to clean up later. So -- Dennis set up the tv. But rather than put it in the living room, our main living area, he set it up in our bedroom which is large enough to be three rooms (ok, maybe only 2 1/2).
Having a tv in the bedroom is new for us. I, in theory, am a big fan of a bedroom being a retreat of sorts. BUT in actuality, our bedroom is an area of high usage. It's not only where we sleep, it's where laundry gets folded and kids get dressed. And right now, there's a mat on the floor that Annalivia sleeps on when she gets up in the middle of the night. There's a dresser for baby stuff, which we're waiting to fill till we find out what this baby is. The nursing glider is in there, too, right by the fireplace. And there's plenty of room for more stuff which is good because eventually the baby's co-sleeper will be in there. And probably we'll need another mat for when Daniel wants to climb into bed.
Anyway, the tv is now in our room, too, and last night we fell into bed and watched a little bit of an old Friends episode and then after flipping through our massive seven-channel selection, found a BBC drama, David, on TBN that had us both sort of riveted. I may have been riveted because King David was played by Nathaniel Parker aka Inspector Lynley, but it was also really good! Sheryl Lee who was Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks was Bathsheba. I enjoyed it. I'm going to have to see if it's going to be on tonight, too.
And this morning when Annalivia woke me up, it seemed really early so I turned on the tv and she watched Sesame Street while Daniel and I slept a bit longer. Though it turns out it wasn't really early, it was really nice to have something to distract her because Dennis and I did a stupid thing and stayed up until 3:30 on Saturday night/ Sunday morning. I felt like I needed the extra sleep this morning!
So, while the tv in the bedroom may not be the ideal situation, I think, for now, it is going to be ok, and maybe even a good thing. Maybe. We'll see.

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Jim and Amy Rennie said...

I love Inspector Lynley and Laura Palmer!!! I wish I would have seen it!