16 October 2008

I take it back

We went to the Et Cetera Shoppe today. I found Daniel a 3-piece navy polyester suit for $2, a pinstriped suit vest for him for $1 and a sweet navy and hot pink plaid jumper for Annalivia for $1.50. That's a pretty good haul, in my mind. And we managed to get out of there without any second-hand toys! That's really quite a feat.
Before we left, we also stopped by the Christmas Store in the basement of Et Cetera. I found this antique embroidered tablecloth and 8 matching napkins for $6.95! A good soak in OxyClean and I think they'll be in great shape for the holidays! And there's lots of other good stuff down there that should be examined without two children who want to touch everything in tow. I guess I sort of, a little, understand yesterday's line.

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Psalmist said...

My goodness...so very much has changed for you since I was last in touch! And good things, if I've read correctly.

Congratulations on your expected little one, on moving back home, on the accident settlement, and even on this precious little thrift shop find!

I'm not in blogdom much anymore and I don't promise to keep up, but I do think of you often and say a prayer each time.