03 April 2008

What happened here?

The entire contents of Annalivia's room and closet dumped on the floor.

Me: Annalivia! What happened here?!?
Annalivia: I was trying to make a mountain!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. That looks like my living room. Just behind me there is a mountain of LEGOs.

But a lot of creativity, too.

Time to toss them in the plastic bin and get out in the mud!

And then jump in the car. We're heading out of town...

Anonymous said...

I'm the "anonymous" above. I clicked on something too soon.

Andrea said...

LoL! What is it with mountains? Landen is always making mountains. He's "On top of the World!" We were walking through the cemetery and the tops of the hills were mountains. =) I love kids.

Jen said...

Looks like fun!
April, what ages are your kiddos?
I love reading about their antics.

April said...

Annalivia is 3, Daniel is 1. Both celebrate birthdays in Feb.