16 April 2008

How high the moon

Yesterday late afternoon, I pointed out the moon in the sky to Annalivia.

"Look, Annalivia! It's the moon."

Annalivia replied with an overly-enunciated and pointedly-patient tone. "I don't like the moon, Mommy. I like the sun. Daniel likes the moon." She said it as though I constantly confuse the affinities of her and her brother, my 14-month old child who, so far, can say "MAAAAAAHHHHHHEEE!" and that's about it.

I wonder when Daniel mentioned to her that he was fond of the moon.


Jen said...

I love it! Kids have the greatest things to say. She sounds very cute.

Andrea said...

Very cute!

April.. thanks for the book. Did you ever make anything from it? So many things look good. Do you use flax meal? I've been taking Flax oil pills for sometime now. I see they use that in a lot of the recipes. I'm excited to try it out -- and let my friend Teri try it out -- I know she will be excited to get her hands on it. We share things a lot. =) Thanks again! Oh and thank Dennis for bringing it to work to give to Kurt.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Children speak their own language of knowing... them so fresh of heaven, yes? She knows, she knows!

I am thinking of you tonight, and wanted to wrap you in love and prayers....

May your weekend be saturated with more of Him and His JOY!

All's grace,