09 April 2008

Mommying in the midst of it

A beloved one is celebrating a new pregnancy at the same time that she is called to do some pretty big things by God. Last night she was wondering how it will all work.
I am thinking about that tonight because it is almost midnight and I am finishing up a homily for a funeral tomorrow. I need to go to bed because I actually have two back-to-back funerals tomorrow. The first is at 10 a.m. The second is at noon. They are both for folks who were baptized in our church and have not been involved at all. The second is for a 33-year old man.
This morning a dear, dear husband of a beloved member of our congregation passed away -- FAR too early after a brief and devastating struggle with cancer. I missed the first two phone calls this morning from the wife. The third I got because my daughter had brought the phone to me and placed it by my sleeping head.
The next few days are shaping up to be a bit overwhelming. Tomorrow it's two funerals and a meeting about the church's ailing investments in the evening. Friday is a meeting in the morning, followed by coordinating the funeral with the Catholic priest (the deceased was baptized and confirmed Catholic, but has been worshipping at our church for 40 years), a presentation to concerned congregants involving a new clavinova, an impromptu choir rehearsal and, hopefully, a date with my guy. Saturday morning Dennis has a meeting and then I a meeting with the deceased's family. Sunday is church with said clavinova, a board meeting, the visitation for the deceased, and my choir rehearsal, and then a dear friend is coming to visit. Monday is the funeral and party for dear friend.
In the midst of this, there are meals to plan and cook and CVS to visit for diapers and milk and, most importantly, children who will need attention. They will need time to be with me, too.
Occasionally, at moments like this, I think it may not have been the smartest idea in the world to keep the kids with me non-stop. I end up writing sermons at midnight and showering at 1 a.m. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we had regularly scheduled separation from each other.
But, for me, in my little church, these times are few and far between. And tonight, I know a little body will press up against me after they are both in bed with us or Daniel will run/trip over to me and pull on me until I pick him up and he can settle into the crook of my arm with a bottle or Annalivia will say something like, "Mommy, you are my dearest darling Mommy-toes!" tomorrow. And even as I'm trying to get out of the house with nylons unscathed by little hands, it will all make sense once again.
God has called me to some pretty big things, I believe.
It will all work.


-M said...

Nice...and busy! Hang in there. Love you.

more cows than people said...

((((April)))) Don't know if you got my e-mail or not. Thank you for this- just beautiful.

And blessings through an insane weekend- sounds like your little ones provide them.

Tonya said...

Good gracious, woman! You are busy! I am praying for you right this very instant:).

And what a cute quote from Annalivia! That is one of those thing you always want to remember:):):).

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, girl! And yes, it will all make sense and it will all be MORE than worth it, because you truly wear the mantle of servant leadership so graciously. I smile when I think of how much Annalivia and Daniel will know of true ministry not just because they *saw* you and Dennis do it but because they were *there* and in their own way, doing it too.
You're a peach, April! :)