14 December 2007

So excited!

Oh my goodness, I am so excited! I have just found a choral group in Dixon, just 10 minutes away from me who happens to need the part I sing in such groups and is willing to audition me!
I have been yearning to use my voice again. The last time I sang with any consistency was with a professional group called the Nova Singers in 2005 when I was pregnant with Annalivia. (You can hear them singing one of my favorite Christmas pieces here.) There were two main problems with Nova: 1.) They rehearsed 1 1/2 hours from here. Not fun to drive, especially in the winter and 2.) They usually had only six rehearsals before a concert, which meant learning music almost entirely on one's own. Which would have been fine had I been a.) disciplined or b.) disciplined or c.) disciplined. But I'm wasn't. And I'm not. It was a lot of pressure.
The group I'll audition for is called The Canterbury Singers. They sound lovely. But they also aren't professionals, which is good. I need something that won't wipe me out. And they are also only 10 miles away! And they rehearse and perform in a gorgeous, gorgeous church in Dixon. And they have such a cool name. And the director is familiar with Nova, so he's "quite confident that [he] will be happy to have [me] join [them]"!
Hurrah! I'm so excited!!


more cows than people said...

oh... you are so, so, so lucky!

audition well, dear one! then sing your heart out.

funny this is the second mention of dixon, illinois that i have read in the blogosphere today.

~liz said...

wow, april - i'm excited for you! you're thisclose to becoming anglican, you know! ;)

Andrea said...

That's great April. I didn't know you sang.. but I don't know that much about you anyway. Haha! Anyway, I think a lady from our church sings in that group. Hope it works out great for you.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, April. I meant to write and tell you that I used my awesome Nova Singers Christmas cd for our advent service 12/2. Hope that's okay. I make a donation to your mileage costs for Canterbury, if you like!
I'm happy for you. Wish I had one like that!

Dusty said...

Wonderful April! You should definitely be singing. When I think of you, aside from many awesome memories, I always think of you singing "Hush, hush, somebody's callin' my name" at LTS. It's a nice thought and I am glad you will be singing again. Peace.

Kalin said...

Little Known Fact: The Nova Singers Christmas album from when you were a member has been in my CD player at home for over a year now and I listen to it every time I go to sleep at home.

Make sure to invite me to a performance and then do something stunningly unorthodox (like a traditional flamenco a la Strictly Ballroom) so that I can start a slow clap.

April said...

How 'bout I hold the last note of each song about one beat after the cut-off? Would that deserve a slow clap?

-M said...

Hoorah! What, what!