31 December 2007

In honor of Hogmanay

Bliadhna mhath ùr!
(Happy New Year!)
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~liz said...

april...i SO want to know what is going on in these pictures. why all the pensive looks? is there a sacrificed pig that you're not showing us in these photos? :)

April said...

Hilarious, Liz!!

It's actually an incredibly poor set of photos of the men in our family contemplating thrashing the neighbors in my grandparent's retirement community. We gave the men kilts for Christmas. They were too long for my nephew, so he got the Jimmy hat.

And Hogmanay is a Scottish New Year's Eve celebration.

There. That's the whole story. We had already eaten the pig for dinner.

~liz said...


and happy (belated) hogmanay to you and yours!