07 December 2007

Lucia Nights

Tonight we went to Bishop Hill to do our traditional eating-of-da-Swedish-meatballs at Lucia Nights. We met my sistah, Lil, and her family and my dad there. We had a great meal at The Red Oak and then headed out into the snow-covered village to enjoy the little shops.
At each one, we were greeted by a Lucia with a crown and homemade cookies.

We saw many a Swedish Christmas tree.

And more of... well, whatever these are...than could possibly ever be sold.
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The only odd thing was that the Nova Singers weren't performing for some reason. And their frigid performance in the Colony Church has been a part of Christmas for so long for our family, that I was kind of saddened by that. But the night was lovely and, other than the lack of a concert, perfect for a candlelit evening at Bishop Hill.


Diane M. Roth said...

hey! It's great to see a Swedish Lucia somewhere!

We're talking a little about this tradition at our advent service on Wednesday, and having a girl dress up... all I need is some red ribbon and a candle/crown....

Jan said...

Beautiful pictures.