12 December 2007

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!

Today, my sweet love is 38 years old. Because Dennis' company has a very generous "birthday-holiday" policy, Dennis has today off. He's finishing a take-home exam and being climbed on by his children.
He has gotten some good presents -- the hat and shirt in the photo above and an iPod. When he took out the earbuds from the iPod, he went to put them in his ears, then paused and said, "When I put these in my ears, I will immediately become a black silhouette." He may be old, but he sure is clever.
He thinks the best present is to spend time with his little ones and me. And we agree. We are so blessed to have this man in our lives. Happy Birthday, love.

Note: I just want y'all to know that I fully realize that I post terrible photos here. Just don't click on them. Then chalk it up to photographic ignorance and inordinate hubris. And, please, accept my apologies.

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sghughes1297 said...

And I, for one, LOVE your photos -- you have a gift for capturing your family as who they are -- just look at that trio! Annalivia delightedly laughing, Daniel turning toward you with a BIG smile, and your husband looking like he's won the lottery -- because the greatest gifts are those he's holding and the one who's holding the camera.
Great pics, girl! GREAT PICS!

Crystal Starr said...

Aw, what a great picture! Happy Birthday April's love!