01 December 2006

Recipe of desperation: Lemon Curd Coffeecake

It is now the eleventh hour, literally, and I am waiting for a coffeecake to finish cooking so that I may take it to tomorrow's Cookies 'n' More Sale at First Christian Church where it will not be sold, but will be given out for free to anyone who is not scared away by its exotic gorgeousness.
For some reason, I am a sucker for old ladies who call me to do last minute baking, especially when their sob stories involve great personal sacrifice, 12 inch snowfall and a retail establishment that remained closed today with our cinnamon rolls for tomorrow firmly locked within its walls. Tell me -- do male pastors ever stay up far past their bedtime baking?

Anyway, here is the recipe, which turned out brilliantly and looks gorgeous and was really quite simple. I created it and I must say, I'm quite impressed with myself.

Lemon Curd Coffeecake
1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup water
1/3 cup oil
4 eggs
1 package vanilla or lemon pudding (I used vanilla because I'm going for a Danish-esque sort of thing. You use what you want).

Mix this up for two minutes on medium and spread in 9x13 greased and floured pan.

1 jar lemon curd (if it has been sitting in your refrigerator for a while, all the better)
1 package cream cheese, softened (if it's not a whole package, that's ok, too)
1/4 cup -ish of powdered sugar. (I'll leave this out next time)
2 egg yolks
1 T vanilla (Grammy uses vanilla and a lot of it in all sweet things, so I do too.)
1/2 t lemon extract, if your curd is not lemony enough for ya

Beat this til well blended and pour down the length of the cake in two thick lines. Sprinkle with sliced almonds, if desired, though don't be alarmed when they sink into the cake.
Bake at 325-350, depending on your pan (dark/ coated less, glass/metal more) for at least 30 minutes, probably 40. Check it periodically and make sure that the center cake tests as done. Be sure to test the cake part, not the curd. Don't worry about the curd, it will set up as it sits.
I am going to glaze it with icing and then sprinkle with some more almonds, toasted this time, then drizzle it with a thicker icing when it cools completely. But, let me tell you -- I have sampled it. This is good stuff. I'm pleased.


Kalin said...

Aw man, I was hoping you'd write an entry about how some McClure Girl team work totally owned you today in the white rabbitting arena.

Don't worry, though. We got Lil, too, with the help of Mom (who was much more adept at maneuvering the two phones than Marissa was when we called you).

Anonymous said...

I would say the answer is NO. I have never been up past my bedtime baking. (which I sure goes for my male counterparts) (however if I was called upon, I am sure consultation with this blog would be called for.)

However we are, when 16 inches of snow falls, called upon to shovel out every old lady in the church, retrieve said ladies prescriptions, and when the thaw comes, coordinate their lawn care. I wonder if female pastors ever do that..... hummm..... LOL.

Aren't your ladies blessed to have such a great pastor....wowing them this day with such creative prowess. I am sure the pastor of FCC-RF was basking just a little in her triumph of salvation.


Anonymous said...

OOooooo..... that sounds FABULOUS!

What time is service tomorrow? I'm pretty sure if we pack up now and drive all night, we can catch a power nap in the parking lot, worship happily and then MONOPOLIZE YOUR CAKE!!!

Hope your Angel Girl is feeling all better (I heard via CH she was under the weather) and your sis's wedding plans are moving along beautifully and that Little Mr. 'Stew is bouncing around without taking out a kidney!

April said...

Kalin, dude, a monkey would have been more adept at maneuvering phones than our dear sistah. And probably would have done more explaining of the process as it happened.

JES... touche. Excellent point about shoveling.

Sarah, dear, though I wouldn't wish a huge late-night drive on anyone, I coveted the appearance of someone -- ANYONE -- with some zest in church today! I read your comment before church and thought about how nice it would have been to have some "worshipping happily" folks in the room as I surveyed the glazed faces before me... We're getting better here and the wedding is no longer, so we feel quite leisurely around here, too!