27 December 2006

32 down, 6? 5? 4? to go...

I went to see my OB today. For any who don't know, this is not an unusual thing. Starting today, I get to see her twice a week. Lucky I like her a lot.
Also, saw Sir Littler McStew on the bi-weekly ultrasound. He is moving around a lot, measuring exactly at 32 weeks 1 day and his estimated weight is 4 lbs. 3 oz. My blood pressure is climbing a bit and my blood sugar has been going down, so we'll be watching that very closely and it is very likely that my doc will enact the bandied-about plan to induce at 37-38 weeks. But so far -- all looks good. And I'm so, SO thankful for that.
As the appointment ended, however, I had what could be described as a very, very mild panic attack when I realized that this baby is coming into the world in a month-ish! And I'm so unprepared compared to when I had Annalivia and had the hospital bag packed at 28 weeks and crib assembled by this time and the clothes washed in Baby Dreft and diapers purchased and all of my sermons for Jan-May 30 done.
This time -- none of that. Dennis is perhaps going to pick up a crib tomorrow and I bought some fabric tonight to make into a crib skirt and curtain, but there's no paint on the wall, no clothes washed, Baby Dreft has literally not entered my mind until typing this post, and I haven't even finished the bulletin for Sunday, let alone sermons for the next six months.
And furthermore, goodness gracious, am I ever tired!! I hope the fabled energy surge hits sometime soon so I can start nesting with some modicum of enthusiasm. Because right now, I am decidedly unenthusiastic about the vast amount of preparation that should go into welcoming Sir Littler.
I AM, however, enthused about welcoming a little one into our lives again, especially this little one. It seems like he has had to go through an awful lot to get here. And it seems like the least we should do is make sure the boy has a nice place to sleep!
But then again-- who am I kidding? If he's anything like his sister, he'll be sleeping with us for the first two years anyway. And despite the fact that the room is unpainted, the crib is unpurchased, the clothes are unwashed... right now the sheets on our bed are pretty clean.
And, ummmm... that might have to be good enough. Poor guy.


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Oh, April. It's ok. You're an eldest child, so you understand. We got the best stuff, more pictures taken, more effort put into our arrival, etc. but then we had to deal with being "the oldest" for the rest of our lives. He may not have all that stuff, but he will have it easy! :)

Crystal Starr said...

Oh cutie pie April. I never washed any of my kids clothes before they wore them and I still don't. Should I be blushing with embarrassment right now?? I just REALLY like that brand new look of clothes. I never even heard of anyone washing their new clothes before wearing them until I my bff had a baby about 2 years ago. AND I have never used Baby Dreft either. I never really new what it was. I just thought it was baby smelling laundry soap. I really want to get some one day though!!

And we didn't get our crib up until right before the babies were born. None of ours slept in them right away anyway.

All this to say sit back, relax, and enjoy this last monthish of your pregnancy. You have plenty of time to get this stuff up and ready. All baby cares about his having lots of good momma food, being warm, having a dry toosh, and a sweet mommy and daddy to hold him. Seems to me all of that is covered! You're doing good lady!

Love ya!

A. Lin said...

I know that I was much more laid back with the second baby. Don't worry; it will all come together.

I hadn't realized the birth was so soon; but these months do pass, don't they?

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Hey, April . . .yes, I was talking about the cerclage. It will be on the 25th. I am freaking out (mostly about the epidural). Did you have one w/Annalivia?