09 December 2006

A pointless rant on uncontrollable circumstances - or- my beef with UPS part 5,789

Granted, I pastor a small church. Granted, we do not have someone in the office 8 hours a day. Granted, in order to deliver a package to the church, one might have to leave one's truck and walk the 25 feet to the front door. Whereupon, one might try the door and find the door to be locked. One might then look around, and without moving, see the sign posted at eye level stating the office hours and directing one to deliver the package at other times to the parsonage. One might then leave the customary little sticky note on the door telling any who would happen by the church that a package delivery had been attempted.
Or perhaps one would not get out of one's truck and would not leave the sticky note and would instead contact a dispatcher who would inform one of the alternate delivery address.
Or perhaps one would not get out of one's truck and would not leave the sticky note and would not contact the dispatcher and would then call the church and listen to the message with the phone number where the pastor could be reached at all hours of the day.
What seems clear to me, is that one would certainly NOT not get out of the truck, not leave a sticky note, not contact the dispatcher, and not listen to the answering machine message AND THEN leave a message at the empty church at 4:30 in the afternoon on a Friday threatening to send back said package to sender because "we've attempted to deliver three times and cannot contact anyone."
Attempts? Seriously?
What can Brown do for me? Send my package to FedEx. They'll at least deliver it.

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Unknown said...

But Granted, brown is not going to do that are they.

UPS was good to me in Wadley, but then they knew I knew where they ate lunch and would hunt them down. But fedx is the best, their little guy was a sweetie.

I'm getting to know the ones here who seem to come after hours too.
But I have never been threatened.
Granted you could call said supervisor, I guess.

Your post and rant is too funny. Hope you got the package.